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Homeowners can attest that wet interior basements are usually overwhelmingly distressing. This is a common problem as 98 percent of basements in US experience some kind of water damage at some point. Sealing the wall can help to fix this problem, but first it is important to identify the source of the moisture, or know if it’s humidity. Getting the right sealing option makes a huge difference in interior basement waterproofing. Additionally, it helps to hire a professional who will also inspect for toxic mold. Here are options you have for interior waterproofing.

1. Silicate Contrete Sealers

They are also referred to as densifiers and are commonly used on unpainted or unsealed walls. These sealers work by soaking in and chemically reacting with the ingredients in the concrete to create an adhering, wate

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Did you know the ideal temperature for most humans to live in is between 70 and 75 degrees? Any colder than 70 degrees, and you need to crank up the heat pump or you’ll find yourself shivering. Much higher than 75 degrees and you’ll need your air conditioning service to keep you from having a heat stroke. Unfortunately, very few environments stay within that temperature range on their own, without the need of HVAC services to keep you comfortable. In fact we are so reliant on our HVAC system that our heating and cooling is the greatest user of energy throughout our homes.

Our reliance on heating in cooling makes it very inconvenient, if not dangerous, when it goes kaput and we need to call a professional air conditioner con

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Porcelain tub refinishing atlanta

The bathtub: many of us take for granted that it will last forever. While the typical ceramic or porcelain tub does last a long time, no tub is meant to last forever, and all of them are replaceable. With that being said, why replace a tub when you can refinish it or repair it? Of course, you might be saying that while your tub doesn’t look great, it performs well. For one thing, a shabby-looking tub is shabby-looking, most likely, because it’s aged or damaged in some way. While that might not affect performance now, it eventually will. This is why you should be proactive in ensuring that your tub is kept updated — looking good and performing as it should. A tub refinishing was once seen as a long and expensive process, one that was outdone by a simple replacement. Now we know that a

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Floor materials

When homeowners have their home’s built or remodeled, one very important aspect and feature of the new look is the flooring. The artwork on the walls, the furniture, and even the color of the paint have to align in some way with the flooring in every room. Some people like to vary their floor design patterns with every room in the house. Others like to maintain a consistency with their floor textures. Either way, there are more options to choose from today than ever before.

Wood floor textures, carpet designs, and even ceramic tile have continued to be developed in ways that allow for more creative designing and improved functionality. Whether they are looking to redo one room at a time or give the entire hou

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After a weekend of unseasonably warm Labor Day temperatures it is difficult to think about preparing for colder weather. The fact of the matter is, however, the cold days and nights of fall and winter will be here before you know it. And while hot temperatures in the midwest come with high percentages of humidity, cold weather brings the exact opposite. Cold, dry weather that is complicated by the dry heat of furnaces in homes can lead to static electricity and drying conditions for wood trim and leather furniture. For many, winter is a much about turning on the humidifiers (used during heating season) as it is about firing up the furnace.
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When to remodel your home

Around 85% of homes in the United States were built before the year 1980; meaning house remodels are popular among homeowners. About 35% of home remodels included the whole house, but others only included certain rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen or the basement. Basement remodeling tips help you transform your basement into an extra living space for your home and for your family.

Family Room

Some of the most popular basement remodeling ideas includes using basement remodeling tips to transform your basement into a family room. Turning basements into family rooms are excellent home additions. Basements make an ideal spot for family room because they can house a variety of activities for the family. A big scree

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Be honest with yourself, there are just some things that you have to do yourself if you want them done right. And doing things on your own can actually save you a lot of money in the long run, even if you might have to invest some time into research. After all, you can probably think of several examples in which you’ve saved a ton of money by watching a few YouTube tutorials and then successfully tackling a do it yourself project. But, it’s time to be completely and even perhaps painfully honest with yourself. Are you ready for this? There are times when it’s best to hire a professional.

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Bathroom remodel designs are a necessary component of making everyday facilities accessible for a wide variety of people. Taking for granted the shape of a door or the space between a hallway can mean frustrating repercussions for the elderly and people with disabilities, reducing a business’ or institution’s client base and cultivating an unwelcome environment. Ideas for bathroom remodeling have been rising to the forefront of many a businessowner’s mind, to better assist customers of all shapes and sizes in enjoying the opportunities the establishment has to offer. Likewise, these can be added to a place of residence to create a safer and happier home. I

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Tankless water heaters

Part of owning a home or a commercial property is keeping up on the repair and renovation of it. Homes and properties often need improvements and repairs. These repairs keep the home in working shape and prevent more serious of accidents from occurring in the home. The improvements are done for both visual and functionality. Individual rooms may be remodeled to keep up with the times. They may also be renovated to include updated outlets, plumbing piping and appliances. There are many benefits to these updates.

Appliances, home furnaces and water tanks often last for many years. However, once they get older, they require more repairs and they use more energy to work. They are also worse for the environment. Scientific and technological advances improve current appliances, home furnaces and water

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