Tree root saw

People are always looking for the perfect gardening tool. Typically, the ideal tool will perform several tasks with the efficiency of one tool created exclusively for for one type of job on an outdoor property. The gark rake, also known as the Golden gark rake, is a multi-purpose three in one gardening tool. It is a shovel, a rake, and a soil sieve combination that is the perfect choice for jobs like raking leaves and then shoveling the piles into lawn and leaf bags. It is a very lightweight tool which enables almost anyone to be able to use it effectively. Bending over to scoop up large amounts of leaves or soil is never necessary when using a

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Impact window

Both terrifying and potentially devastating, natural disasters impact families all across the country. In many parts of the U.S., tornadoes and hurricanes are all too common. That’s why it’s so important that you adequately protect your home from storms and cyclones. While new homes are often built with these concerns in mind, older homes are particularly vulnerable to storm desolation. But whether your home is a new build or a more historic property, you should follow these three hurricane-proofing tips:

  1. Install impact doors and windows
    Your doors and windows are particularly vulnerable areas in your home. Hurricane winds are so strong that they can send debris and other objects flying like bullets from a gun. The best way to protect your home and family is to install Read more ...

General contractors

Water damage can cause all types of problems. It can quickly develop mold and other dangerous air contaminants. The existence of a previous water flooding damage can also turn home buyers away, when it comes time to sell your property. The cleanup process needs to be carefully planned and involve a series of important steps. Rushing the process or skipping remediation steps can cause further damages to the house. Once the professional remediation and rebuild is completed, follow these home remodeling steps.

Inspect all wood and floors, when possible
In most remediation cases, multiple contractors are working on your house. However, missed

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Home improvement

Each and every year, homeowners spend more time in a bathroom that they don’t like. A bathroom that looks old and out of style isn’t just an eyesore, it can affect how happy you feel. A remodeled bathroom won’t just look better, there are many other benefits associated with home remodeling. Here are four reasons to remodel your bathroom as soon as possible. If you would like to have your bathroom remodeled, consider calling a local professional in your area right away.

  1. Increases Resale Value – If you are currently thinking about selling your home in the near future, a bathroom remodel is one of the best decisions you can make. Home improvement work can greatly improve the overa

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Home water systems

Clean water has become an especially hot topic in recent national conversation. And this is for good reason. Scientists have currently identified 2,100 known contaminants that could be present in the tap water we drink each day. These contaminants, some of which have been found to be directly poisonous to humans, cause approximately 900,000 people to become sick with contamination-related illnesses each year. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that home water purification systems and whole home water treatments are gaining popularity. But what happens when this contamination extends beyond the residential sector? What is, for example, water at your favorite fast food chain or local restaurant is contamina

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When looking at your house, you may not know it but it could be sucking money right out of your pocket. There could be things in plain sight that you don’t even realize are causing your bills to increase. Here’s what you can do to make you that money stays where it belongs, in your pocket.

The most common exterior house siding in the United States today is vinyl. Vinyl, itself, is already much cheaper than it’s counterparts. Wood, which is the second most common siding, is 25% more expensive. So it you have vinyl siding on your house, chances are you’ve already saved some money for it. However, the upkeep of your vinyl siding is important. Should a piece of it break off,

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Energy efficient heating

Winter is coming to an end and spring is nearly here. While that may make some people jump for joy, there’s one group that may not be so thrilled: allergy sufferers. Those new blooms may be beautiful, but they can also bring misery in the form of itchy eyes, runny noses, and incessant sneezing. Nasal sprays and over-the-counter medications can help when you’re outside in nature, but what about when you’re inside your home? You might think you’ll be safe from allergens indoors, but improper maintenance of HVAC systems can actually keep those irritants in your house and cause a lot of respiratory problems for your family.
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Outer banks indoor furniture

When residential markets improve, so does the real estate investment market. This means more people are purchasing secondary homes to either flip for profit or to rent out. One of the most common trends today is the purchase of rental vacation houses. As the economy improves, more people take vacations. With a shift toward vacation rentals versus hotel resorts, vacation rental investors profiting. As a new vacation rental owner, what types of furniture and amenities should you provide to your renters?

Indoor furniture
Vacation renters are different than residential renters. They are only renting the house for short period of time. Even longer term renters are only in the property for a month or two. For this reason, rental owners need to provide all needed indoor

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Water heater installation

Most homeowners know very little about their plumbing. They are unaware of how the plumbing pipes enter and exit the house. They are unaware of how to repair or install their water heater. They are even unaware of how a simple toilet clog can lead to an expensive flood remediation service. This is shocking, considering that water damage and flooding is the number one insurance claim in the country. Many of these disastrous floods could have been prevented with minimal plumbing knowledge or regular plumbing service inspections.

Minimal plumbing awareness

There is nothing wrong with a general lack of knowledge regarding your house?s plumbing. However, homeowners should have minimal plumbing knowledge. This means having the ability to identify a flood or leak. It also means understa

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