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Planning Your Interstate Move

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An interstate move should be planned out very carefully so that you can make sure that you do not forget anything on your way to your new destination. The right way to handle a move is to make a checklist that will be easy to read and follow. Any additional thoughts that you remember to add to the checklist could be helpful, and making copies could allow other members of the household to take their fair share of the tasks, removing some of the burden from your shoulders.

When you are planning your interstate move, remember that there are a lot of tasks that may be stressful, but they can be much easier to accomplish when they are taken care of within the proper time frame. Your interstate move plan should begin at least a month before you move. During this period, you should get quotes from various companies who will be able to handle your interstate move so that you can choose the right one for the job. You should also start making sure that your utilities are in order, both at your previous location and at your destination. The earlier that you communicate your interstate move with the utility companies, the less likely it will be that there will be any confusion or delay in making sure everything is properly connected or disconnected.

You should also begin to take into account any items that you do not want to bring with you on your interstate move to your new location. If you have a garage full of property that you do not want to bring with you, now would be the time to begin either selling it or giving it to friends and family members. When you are actually planning the transportation section of the interstate move, it is a good idea to have a road map of the actual route that you will be taking. This map should include destinations that you will need to visit, such as rest stops and fuel stations; and it may also include information on where to eat, or even where to stay for the night if your interstate move takes longer than six hours of driving. Remember, taking the time to organize and plan your interstate move ahead of time will help you to save both money, time and your own stress until the relocation itself is complete.