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Protect yourself when you hire an interstate moving company

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There are many interstate moving companies and many of them provide quality services. However, there are some that commit fraud and that many customers end up victims of the interstate moving company that they hired. Many end up losing valuables to being forced by the interstate moving company to ransom their belongings. However, armed with the right information one can find the right moving company that is reliable and honest. So here are some important things that one should know when looking for an interstate moving company.

Researching the interstate moving company is something that one should do before hiring a mover. In this, it is important to know how long the company has been in the business. It is also important to know if it is registered and licensed for interstate move. It is also important to know if the company has enough insurance to cover any loss or damage to the belongings. Most companies insure the belongings based on their weight and not their actual value. One should therefore check with the interstate moving company if they have insurance for valuable items. Lastly, it is important to know if there are complaints and cases against the company. If they do, one should determine if they can become negligible or not.

Knowing everything about the company is not enough. There is a big difference between what looks good in paper and what it is in real thing. The same can be said for any interstate moving company. It is necessary therefore to talk with the company to see how they handle their customers and if they really have expertise for an interstate move. For example, asking them about regulations and necessary clearance for moving plants to another state will show one if they are really capable of moving all types of belongings. Allowing them to explain their rate and charges will show you if they are honest and mean good business. If the company is vague in its explanation or has additional charges that you think should not be included, find another interstate moving company.

Lastly, not everything depends on the interstate moving company. When one hires a moving company, one has certain responsibilities. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires interstate moving companies to provide their customers with the booklet, Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. It is therefore your responsibility to read this booklet and follow the guidelines provided therein. It will protect you from moving scams. It will guide you in selecting the right moving company so that you will not be overcharged. It will teach you how to resolve dispute. Aside from reading the booklet, it is also your responsibility to learn as much as you can about interstate move. This will ensure that you will have no problem with your move, not just with your moving company.