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Four Steps to Keep Your Emotions in Check Before Moving

Are you unbelievably excited about your impending move? Or is your stomach tied in knots, reflecting your strong concern about moving to a new city and having to start completely over by making new friends and joining new groups? You most definitely are not alone in any fears you may have. If happiness overflows at the thought of your move, good for you. But if fear has taken over and your emotions are getting the best of you, take small steps for a better moving process.

Step 1: Breathe deeply. Remember that people move all the time and that you are by no means the first person to venture into a new city or a new neighborhood. Your moving concerns are valid … after all, none of us knows what kinds of experiences we will have in entirely new surroundings … but also remember that many of these new experiences can turn out to be quite positive. Take deep breaths any time you feel overwhelmed by the thought of packing up what you know an moving it somewhere you are unfamiliar with. After a few moments, your nerves will calm and you can refocus on the tasks at hand.

Step 2: Learn about your new city. Whether rural or urban in nature, the city itself should have a chamber of commerce or welcome organization of sorts to acclimate you to your new surroundings. There may even be a moving related site that helps newcomers adjust to life in a different setting. Here, you will truly feel like you are part of a larger community because others like you will be looking for the same things.

Step 3: Plan ahead. Most of us get enjoyment from proper planning to avoid getting overwhelmed. Plan ahead by hiring a professional moving company, getting a handy checklist to notify you of important tasks, and calling up your utilities providers to inform them of when to turn off power or shut down cable. The more you can do beforehand, the happier and calmer you could be as your move date approaches.

Step 4: Get your family into it. Unless you are moving alone, there are other people who will be altering their lives too. Keep them in the loop, letting them know of cool things to do in your new city of residence so their interest levels in the move rise with yours. This above all things will swing your emotions more toward the positive side of things.

How Movers Ease the Moving Experience for Customers

You rarely hear stories from people telling you how movers made life harder for them. No, most stories involve the positive experiences other people have had with the movers they have chosen, whether those moving companies fulfilled full service needs or a la carte ones. For most customers, the actual customer service received is what counts, more so than the actual services themselves. Because this is a service and not a product per se, it all comes down to the service-oriented staffs at these companies.

Luckily, most customers today enjoy how their movers have helped them. This means helping with the packing process … including picking out appropriately sized boxes and actually stuffing them appropriately, making check lists and actually checking off tasks as they are completed, and developing a collaborative plan with customers to ensure their every moving need is met before the actual date of the move … and the overall moving process too. For these customers, these movers have done more for them than they could do on their own.

Through offering such assistance, professional movers are afforded the opportunity to make their own jobs simpler. They take the approach that moving day starts with the first day that a move is planned, not the exact date of any move. Thus, these companies like to prepare their customers well beforehand, supplying them with boxes and packing supplies, giving out trusty check lists, and ensuring customers know other steps they should take prior to moving out of their homes. With careful planning, these moving businesses have an easier time of it on moving day.

Whether these companies are full service movers or a la carte ones, they ensure proper communication with customers from the very first day the business partnership begins. So as soon as a moving company is booked, someone from that moving company generally will reach out to the person who booked the company to answer any final questions and fill in any gaps. This initial contact also is intended to start verbal communication between customer and company for greater moving success.

Through establishing multiple forms of communication that includes email and phone conversations, these movers eliminate any confusion and any problems too. Through being careful to cover everything, including all costs involved, they better prepare customers for their moves. This in turn gives these professional moving companies better people to work with when moving day finally does come to pass.