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Finding the Right Interstate Mover

Best interstate movers

Moving, especially a long distance, is a significant life event. Choosing to move can be exciting, especially if you are moving for better opportunities. It can also be overwhelming. The sheer amount of tasks to remember often makes it hard. This is why now more than ever people hire an interstate mover to help.

Larger life events often require a little research and thoughtful planning. When choosing the best interstate moving company, it is highly suggested you research companies first and ask questions about their services. However, knowing the right questions will make this process much easier and far more effective. So, what should you ask?

Ask a prospective interstate mover about any tariffs that you may be charged with by moving your belongings across state lines. Asking an interstate mover about their background and requesting references will help to determine which are the best interstate moving companies from an interstate mover that may have a history of cutting corners or questionable practices.

Inquiring about having a copy of the bill of laden is important. A bill of laden will contain pertinent information on the moving companies liability insurance and valuation coverage policy. Determining the portion of coverage you will receive in case your items are damaged may help you in choosing the right interstate mover. Some have portion policies, such as 60 cents on every dollar that an item is worth and others have one hundred percent coverage on any items damaged.

Also, a high quality interstate mover will have a timetable on performing the move, including packing and arrival date. They should provide a homeowners list of rights and responsibilities, and be communicate this information in a clear and up front manner. An interstate mover, especially a high quality one will put your mind at ease by providing you with this information. It’s always best to know what to ask, just in case.