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How Moving with Pods is Cheaper and More Efficient

Are you planning on long distance moving? Do you want long distance movers to compete on price? Consider ditching movers altogether. It may be more appropriate for you to use self storage pods, anyways. Not only can self storage pods make life much less expensive for you, but they may also be cheaper as well.

Pods are modeled on container freight used in international trade. Coming into use in the 1960s, intermodal containers were giant steel boxes that could go anywhere. These containers could be loaded onto a ship, onto a truck or railroad car, or even just left at a yard for storage. They were also stackable, and many could be refrigerated.

Pods use a similar principle. While much smaller than shipping containers, pods are just as easy to switch between transportation modes. They can be loaded onto a flatbed truck, or towed by a personal vehicle. They can be left in a driveway or another designated space for storage. Some pods manufactures even have warehouses to store them in.

So why do you want to use pods? One advantage of pods is their convenience factor. Pods can be moved, for sure, but they can also stay put. This means you can move whatever you want in any quantity you want, and save on conversion costs from moving to storage.

Another advantage of these pods is durability. Some come climate controlled, and are great for moving or storing temperature sensitive goods. As many are made of steel, they are air tight, water tight, and can survive even the most severe weather. Just like their cousins in international trade, these little containers can withstand anything.

Pods are great for those of us moving on a budget. With the ability to be used for either moving or self storage, these little containers are mobile and costless. They are also do it yourself moving. Ultimately, do it yourself moving gives you piece of mind that you accomplished the job, and owe nothing to anyone.