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On My Own

I am moving for the very first time. I mean, I have moved before, but I have never moved on my own. I moved from my parents house to the sorority house to the house I shared with my husband. Now we are separated and I am learning to do things on my own. I feel like a teenager.

My daughter told me about renting pods, and it makes sense. It would certainly be more affordable. But I think I would rather keep it simple and hire movers. So I have been looking around at different long distance movers to figure out who to use. I just have so many questions about movers! When I hire movers, do I need to buy insurance or is it included? Some of them asked me to pay in cash. Is that normal to pay movers in cash? Should I be comfortable with that? Do I tip the movers? If I do tip them, how much is appropriate? Can I expect the movers to disassemble and reassemble my large furniture or does that need to be negotiated in advance? Will they be willing to move my plants or are there limitations to what they put on the truck? What other questions should I be asking that I do not know to ask?

I am not sure if this is exciting or if this is stressful. It is a whole lot of both I guess. I am excited to be my own person. I am excited to have my own home. I am nervous to make decisions without someone there to back me up. I am terrified I will make the wrong decision and it will be a huge mistake. But now I can get started. I will start with baby steps. I am going to find myself some movers. Here I go.