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Tips on How to Find Long Distance Movers

Moving across town can be a breeze compared to a long distance move. If you are moving across the country or across the globe, using the services of long distance movers can ease your burdens. As with many things doing a bit of research before jumping in can save you a lot of time, money and headaches in the long run.

1. Research long distance movers before signing any contracts.

Check companies references and professional qualifications. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau to find out if any consumers have filed complaints against the long distance movers you are considering.

2. Have a well spelled out contract.

Get everything in writing, and if there are any portions you do not understand be sure to go over it with your long distance movers. Make sure all costs are itemized and clearly spelled out so that there are no surprises when your bill arrives. Find out how your final amount will be calculated by volume, weight or distance.

3. Consider insurance.

Many long distance movers will offer basic insurance policies for your possessions while in transit, but many policies only offer a coverage based on weight, not actual value. Consider additional coverage from the movers or from your homeowners insurance policy for your possessions while you are moving.

4. Save money with pods.

A popular storage solution that can be used for moves both far and local are pods. Pods are portable units that can be loaded by homeowners and then picked up and moved to your destination by long distance movers services. Pods are dropped off at your current home, loaded by you then moved and brought to your new destination by your moving company. Using pods for long distance moves can save money, since they act as cargo container and storage unit in one.