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Take the Pain out of Long Distance Moving

Everyone with a recent memory of moving knows that moving is a pain. In fact, after death and divorce, moving is supposedly the third most stressful event that one might experience in their lifetimes. For long distance movers, the stresses related to moving become considerably greater. However, regardless of distance, movers now have the convenience of Pods to help make their move as efficient and painless as possible. Although moving is never easy, Pods can at least help to make the packing part less stressful.

When facing a move, movers have a lot going on in their lives besides the packing and the physical aspects related to transporting their possessions. Often times, movers have many loose ends to tie up regarding the jobs they are leaving, the new jobs that they will be starting, and everything related to changing homes and addresses. In fact, with Pods, the physical part of moving may be the easiest part for movers. Many moving companies provide some version of Pods, which are large, portable storage container units, which are made of durable steel, and come in different sizes.

Once family movers decide that they would like to use pods, they simply contact a moving company that supplies Pods, and the company will deliver them to the residence of the movers. Pods are usually delivered to the movers residence via flatbed truck. Once the Pods are dropped off, the movers can rent them for as long as they would like. This could be as little as a couple of days to many weeks. However, the best part about Pods is that they allow family movers to sort through their belongings, discard the items they do not want, and pack the rest into the Pods.

Once the Pods are loaded, the personal effects do not need to be handled again until the moving companies deliver them to the new home or destination. In the meantime, the personal possessions will be securely locked away in the Pods, rather than cluttered about the home. When the big day approaches, and a moving date is firm, if the movers have not done so already, they will contact the moving company and finish making the moving arrangements. When the day of the move actually arrives, the moving company will load the Pods upon a flatbed truck and transport them to the new address, even if it is across the country.

The top signs of a terrific moving company

Interstate moving companies

Most families begin their search for an interstate moving company with the hopes of making their trip less stressful, and less confusing. Moving is generally considered to be one of the most difficult things that one will ever deal with in their lives, right behind death and divorce. With a great interstate moving company however, they may just be able to lessen that burden a bit. There are a few things that everyone should make sure to remember, so that the interstate moving company they hire is not the one that will end up making things worse.

The ideal group of professional movers should have the means to provide their customers with extra moving supplies if they need them. Not everyone will be able to properly guess how many boxes and rolls of tape they will need at the onset. Being able to get more from their interstate moving company could not only save people an extra trip, but it could also allow them the chance to talk about what they will need to properly protect their belongings.

The best interstate moving company should also have no problem giving their clients an estimate of all applicable taxes and fees well before the moving day. In doing so, they will allow their customers to make sure that they can afford to move in the first place. In addition to that, an accurate estimate could also help one to avoid receiving any of those surprise charges that have been known to be added in by other moving companies after all is said and done.

Above all else, the right interstate moving company should always remember to provide high quality customer service to its clients. Moving can be stressful enough without having to deal with rude or discourteous customer service. An interstate moving company that is polite and treats their customers with respect should be on the top of every families list.

Hire Movers to Help!

For those that have ever had to pack up their things and move to a far and away place, they know the stress and often the horror that comes with dealing with moving. You often do not realize how many things you have until you attempt to try packing them. Then no matter what something goes wrong, you run out of time, you panic, and then you resort yourself to feeling helpless in the situation. Often people do not hire movers because they figure that movers do exactly what they can do for themselves. They think that movers are a waste of money, but in all honesty if you are going to be moving cross country, you should call a company like Pods that is experienced in working with people who want a stress free move and the ability to take care of personal matters rather than be dealt with having to pack and stress out over this mundane task that never seems to end. This is how it should be! You should be getting excited about a move! You should not be spending your days worrying and stressing out!

Long distance movers are experienced movers that know the moving process inside and out. They work quickly and efficiently and they can tackle a room and pack it up in no time. They know exactly what will fit where and what needs certain packaging. They know this because as movers they do this on a regular basis. Long distance movers understand that some things need to be packed first to the move and they make sure to pack in a logical manner that makes sense. In the end, you will find that you are spending a great deal of money on movers, but when you measure what you sanity and stress are worth, you will no longer see the money you spend on movers as a cost but rather as an investment in your mental health!

Make the most of your move with storage pods

How much of your stuff can you stuff into storage pods? That’s often a question long distance movers wonder as they prepare to pack up their lives and move away. Learning how to prioritize your possessions and make proper packing choices will help pave the way during your time in transition.
Aside from deciding between a self move or hiring long distance moving companies, choosing properly sized storage pods, portable storage containers and units and self storage are keys to the mover’s success.
It can be such a daunting task to face up to the amount of stuff you own. From tennis racquets and skis and other sports equipment collecting dust to that framed motivational poster about precision that has somehow lost it’s edge, the best thing you can do as a long distance mover is to declutter your house and your life. Why should you spend the time and money to pack, haul and store the items in your life that you really don’t need or want? Storage pods may come in a range of sizes, but being able to determine what is absolutely necessary in your life when packing will be helpful and cost effective when it comes time to store or unpack.
Be sure to use an online calculator to determine the cost of your long distance move. You don’t want any surprises when it comes time to hire a long distance moving company or rent moving containers. Another way to save is to consider distance.
Those who relocate for a job more than 50 miles away from their old residence are often able to deduct moving costs from their taxes. The money you save here can be useful later when you have to spring for larger storage pods because it’s just so hard to say goodbye to all that stuff!
The Census Bureau, through a population survey, estimated that the number of nationwide movers has dropped significantly since the late 1950s and early 1960s. Though the reason for the decline was not immediately known it would be safe to say that those who remain in one place for longer periods of time tend to have more items to store and move. Fortunately, there are solutions for those people who have an abundance of goods in need of moving and storage.

Signs of a great interstate moving company

Best interstate moving companies

Moving is never something that people look forward to with a sense of joy. Usually, it is something closer to stress, anxiety or dread. One thing that people can do to make things easier on themselves, is to make sure that they hire the best interstate moving company. When it comes to finding the best interstate moving company, there are a few things that people should always be on the lookout for. Hiring a second rate group of movers could leave a family worse off than they were before the move.

The best interstate moving company should be able to provide their clients with answers to every question and concern that they may have. No person of family should have to feel like they are being pressured into a play that they cannot afford or do not want. The best interstate moving company will never forget that while they are hired to move their customers things from one place to another, they are also in the business of providing high quality customer service.

While looking for the overall best interstate moving company, people should make sure that they do not end up hiring a company that refuses to hand over more than one reference. Anyone can fake a reference, but a moving company that gives over two or more is probably ready to brag. Hearing a good review could be all that a couple needs to know that they have found the best overall company.

Finally, the best interstate moving company should have no problem giving their clients an accurate estimate of all possible charges and taxes. Not only will this allow a family to make sure that they can afford to move in the first place, but it will also help to prevent any last minute “surprise” charges from being added in at the last minute. The best interstate moving company will never try and take advantage of their customers.