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Three signs of the wrong interstate moving company

List of top-rated interstate moving companies

Interstate moving companies provide a service that is truly invaluable to people that have a long move ahead of them. Ever year, nearly 40 million Americans pack up and move into a new home. Many of them end up moving to a new state. By hooking up with one of the best interstate moving companies in their area, they can make sure that none of their prized possessions get lost or damaged along the way. There are a few signs that everyone should remember to look out for while searching for a group of interstate movers.

One of the first signs that someone has found one of the lesser interstate moving companies in their area could be when that company refuses to show their clients the courtesy and respect that they deserve. Moving can be stressful enough as it is without having to worry about dealing with poor customer service. Interstate moving companies that do not remember that providing high quality customer service and answering every question is an integral part of their business should be avoided.

Interstate moving companies that argue or refuse to give a list of references might be trying to hide something. Most companies would love to be able to show off several instances when they met every one of the needs of a former client. Those companies that can provide a list of references should always be taken into consideration over those that decline to do so, no matter what the reason.

Interstate moving companies that cannot show that they are properly licensed should be avoided at all costs. Every moving company, whether they operate in one state or all 50, is required to attain several licenses and permits. The interstate moving companies that are not properly licensed should be avoided, as they may never be able to meet the liability and safety regulations required by law.