Beat the Stress of Long Distance Moving

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An overwhelming majority of people move for not so fun reasons. Among the most common are divorce, torn families, and failed careers. Start out on the right foot, and make sure your move is truly the start of a “clean slate.” Follow these steps to an easy and stress free move.

Pack Ahead, and Pack Smart

Start packing months in advance, even if you are busy. Pack one box a night if you have to, but never leave it for the last minute. Last minute packing means sloppy packing, and no one wants to start out life in their new home with broken dishes and no clue where to find anything. Park smart, and pack less, by getting rid of things you no longer need, too.

Do Not Forget About Breakables

There are a lot of things you can do to reduce your risk of opening up boxes and finding shards of broken glass. Remember, whenever possible, pack dishes vertically. They are less likely to break that way. Clearly mark all boxes with dishes and other glassware as “Fragile,” and skimp on bubble wrap costs by saving bubble wrap from old packages or by using dish cloths and out of season clothes to cushion any glass that you need to pack.

Get Family and Friends to Help

Avoid getting family and friends to help with the actual moving. They will be tired, irritable, and less likely to carefully move your things. Plus, they will not thank you for it. Instead, get personal recommendations about the best long distance movers. Family and friends experienced with moving, and different movers, are the best sources for honest, and thorough, information. A lot of companies will allow you to get a free quote on moving costs online, too.

When you are moving, keep it stress free. Remember to pack months ahead of time, pack neatly and with care, and hire the best long distance movers to help you do it.

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