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Stumped? When to DIY and When to Hire Stump Grinding Companies

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Got some tree stumps around your lawn that need removing? Not sure whether to rent some equipment and try to tackle them yourself or to hire tree stump grinding companies to do the dirty work for you? There are pros and cons to either choice. Here are some factors to consider before you make the call.

  • How many stumps are you dealing with?
    Stump grinding companies charge by the diameter, while tool equipment rental companies charge by the hour or the day. If you have a whole mess of stumps to deal with and you’ve got a clear day ahead of you, you might think about tackling t

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Bi Annual HVAC Maintenance Can Save You From Costly Repairs

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Summer is finally here! The weather is hot and most people have already resorted to putting their air conditioning units on. The most common time that people find problems with their air conditioning units is after a long winter, when they crank it up for the first time. The cooling unit may not turn on, it may not properly cool down the home or it might not continually stay on and remain cold. This can be very bad timing for a homeowner. They have to wait for heating and air conditioning contractors to have time to come out and inspect and repair the cooling unit. This can take weeks, as the first warm weeks of the summer as the busiest time for these contractors. Meanwhile, you are left with a hot home with no way to cool it down properly.

According to the EIA, 86% of homes in the United States have ai

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The 5 Benefits of Custom Bathroom Furniture

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Americans love customization. Anywhere we have the freedom to make something our own, we take advantage. This can be especially said for our homes.

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the first rooms to be remodeled or modified shortly after the purchase of a home. Bathrooms are very important and most homeowners are always looking for the best custom cabinets to fit their dream of what they want their bathroom to look like. The U.S. Cabinet and Vanity Industry is so popular that it makes $20 billion each year in revenue.

For those who are considering custom bathroom vanities for their home, here are some benefits of custom bathroom cabinets you may find helpful.

Endless options
When it co

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3 Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows

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Hurricanes are one of the most powerful and destructive types of storm possible on our planet. Never has that been more apparent than the recent devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. Every year, cities and homes are rocked (literally) to their foundation by hurricane winds. Florida is the hurricane capital of the United States. If you live in an area where hurricanes are a constant fear, how can you protect your home?
One of the best things you can invest in are impact resistant windows. There are many benefits to high impact windows beyond the protection they afford.

  1. Obviously, protection from hurricanes. A high quality impact resistant window is capable of withstanding<

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Three Reasons To Choose Metal Roofing


If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that for one reason or another you’re in the market for a metal roof, or perhaps roof repairs. Perhaps you’re looking for a commercial roof; on the other hand, you could be looking into the different options for residential roofing. Whether you’re looking to roof a brand new building or replace a old roof that’s beyond fixing, there are many advantages of metal roofing. But the fact is that without doing your research, you may go into a conversation with a roof contractor blind. To save

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