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Heating and Air Conditioning Experts Can Keep You Cool and Comfortable All Summer

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Our first home came without central air conditioning. We were part of that 1/3 of American homes that were without air conditioning. We thought with the shady lot and sleeping with the windows wide open, summer wouldn’t be that bad. We thought if it got really hot, we could sleep in the living room, only a few feet from the window air conditioning unit and it would be quite nice. The first year of our marriage in that house taught us lessons we will never forget. The most important lesson it taught us is that we were weak. Our parents and grandparents may have lived without a/c, but our generation had gone soft.
Going to work in the summer was the best part of the day since it would be air conditioned. Instead of Friday night being the best part of the week, we looked forward to Sunday night when air con

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Read This Before You Buy Contemporary Furniture

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Would you every buy contemporary furniture? Do you know what kind of furniture is considered contemporary or modern? The term modern furniture refers to furniture that was produced in the late 19th century through today and is visually influenced by a modernist style.

The Modernist style is derived from the modernism movement within the world of art and design. This movement turned away from realism and traditionalism and really embraced disruption and the unexpected.

Traditionally, furniture is often heavy, decorated and ornate. Furniture included intricately carved wood, embellishments, and upholstery. Modern furniture

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