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6 Tips on How to Get The Most Out of Your Kitchen Renovation

Basement remodeling

Kitchen renovation is the second most popular home remodeling job, according to a National Association of Home Builders survey, representing nearly 70% of all jobs requested of home builders. And for good reason: making a minor kitchen renovation can net you a return on investment of over 82%.

If you want to optimize your return, we’ve got you covered with six tips on how to get the most out of your kitchen renovation:

  1. Efficiency – and we don’t just mean your appliances

    When doing a kitchen remodel, it’s all about how you’re going to use it in the end. Kitchens should be designed for optimal functionality first and aesthetic second. For instanc

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Four Secrets for Making the Most Out of the Least Amount of Money by Renting Tools

Rental tools

It seems like everyone offers tools for rent these days. Hardware stores. Big box stores like Walmart and Sears. Small construction equipment rental businesses. You can even find tools for rent from private owners on Craigslist. When you are looking for tools for rent, you have a lot of options.

However, as with any product or service you have to choose from, not all businesses who offer tools for rent are exactly the same. The quality of the rental tools, the price, the safety, and the liability you hold vary widely from one equipment rentals business to the next. Since the success of the project you’re working on is directly dependent on being properly equipped to do your job, it is important to do your homework when selecting a tool rental prov

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My Energy Bill Is Too High What Should I Do?

Low water pressure

Not sure when to call a plumber? If you have to ask, you probably need to do it! Whether it’s commercial AC repair or a clogged sink that needs fixing, a plumber can address the many functions your home needs to stay in tip-top shape. An emergency plumber, in particular, can be called when you have a serious problem that needs addressing as soon as possible. Below is a simple list on all the services your local plumber can offer you, from analyzing your air-conditioning unit to fixing problematic leaks.

Common Signs Of A Problem

If your energy bill is too high or you’re struggling to get hot water in your tub for more than a few minutes, th

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