5 Tips for Getting the Window Replacement You Want

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Are you thinking about replacing the windows in your home? If the windows you have now are 15 years old or more, it might be time to at least start thinking about it. Older windows are drafty and can cost you a lot in energy bills as you end up heating and cooling the outside around your house. You get a great return on investment (ROI) when you do a window replacement. Not only do you save on your utility bills but they make your home safer. The ROI for a window replacement is about 70%. On the Joy Scale, which is a one through ten scale that measures how happy people are with a completed project, window replacements got a score of 9.2, according to the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report.

5 Tips for Starting a Window Replacement Project:

  1. What is the reason for your window replacement? Is your home not as comfortable as you once were? Do you want to save money on your utility bills? If you live in certain communities such as some condo complexes or historic districts, you need certain permissions to do a window replacement. Knowing the reasons for getting replacement windows will have an impact on where you start and where you go for them.
  2. Do some research into window replacements. If you are looking for windows that are insulated or are really good for the environment, you will be confronted with confusing terms like SmartSun, Dual-Pane, Tripane with Argon, Tripane with Krypton and Low-E. You may think “Tripane with Krypton?” Is that the planet Superman is from? These are all different kinds of insulated glass. Then you have the window frame. You can get the traditional materials like wood and vinyl but some companies use a wood composite or extruded aluminum. You have different options for how the window will open so ask about what you can do in that area. There are some cool things you can do with your windows. A good and reputable window installation company will take the time to explain your options.
  3. What details mean the most to you? You have been to the window showroom, You have done all your research into your options and the nice salesperson has explained your options, what features mean the most to you? This is where knowing the real reason you want a window replacement is so important. If you need to keep or restore some historical accuracy, that will will require certain features. If your main goal is energy conservation is what you care about the most. It might help to make a list of the features you really care about and another list of the features that you don’t really care about. Talk both other with your window company.
  4. Set your budget and stick to it. Be honest with yourself and your salesperson about what you can afford with your window replacement. If you are going for a window replacement because of the environment, you may be eligible for tax incentives or credits that may offset the cost of the new windows. Sometimes those are available. They may not be but they cannot say yes if you do not ask so ask!
  5. Be prepared for bad news. Do not fret about it before it happens but if your windows are older than ten or 15 years, there is a good chance that when the old windows are removed, your contractor may find damage that has been done by water or other things. Insects may have gotten in. More often than not, when contractors take out old windows they find damage that the homeowner had no idea was there. This will push up the costs associated with your window replacement. If you know going in that this is a possibility, it will be easier to take when you hear it from the window contractor.

Having your windows replaced is a big job but it will increase the value of your home. Regardless of if you get the insulated windows or some other kind, replacing old windows with new ones will lower your utility bills so they should pay for themselves over time.


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