Three Reasons Why You Should Refinish Your Tub

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Bathtubs: we use them constantly, see them all the time, and don’t think much of them when we aren’t. We tend to take our bathtubs for granted. They seem solid enough, and therefore we believe that they will last forever. Of course, this isn’t the case. But for many, it’s easy to put off refinishing bathtubs until a small problem becomes a major one. This is because many have the misconception that it’s difficult or overly expensive to refinish bathtubs. This misconception has led many to use their bathtubs until they’re unsalvageable. They would rather replace them entirely than refinish bathtubs, simply because they think that there’s a greater value in doing so — or because they don’t know any better. However, there are plenty of reasons why you get more bang for your buck if you refinish bathtubs rather than replacing them. And for that matter, refinishing a tub accomplishes the same task as replacing — on an aesthetic and performance level — while costing less and taking less time and energy. If you hire the right professionals to refinish your tub, you’ll be amazed by the results. So, let’s look into the top reasons why people refinish bathubs.

1. Health And Cleanliness

A damaged tub doesn’t just look bad — it performs poorly as well. Nobody can relax in a tub that feels gritty and cracked, for that matter nobody wants to fill up a tub that may leak. But there’s more to the issue than that; a grimy tub is home to the growth of bacteria and germs. And if its finishing has worn away over time, it will only become dirtier. The fact is that as much as we try to keep our tubs clean, harsh cleaners only serve to exacerbate the issues of cracking, scratching, discoloration, staining, and much more. When bathtub refinishers go to work, the process of re-enameling and in a sense rebuilding your tub makes it much cleaner. It’s also more resistant to bacteria, and all around in a better condition, being easier to clean after refinishing. The process of refinishing a bathtub creates an entirely new surface, and you’ll certainly feel a lot better about soaking in a tub once it’s refinished. Another great aspect of refinishing a bathtub is that you can learn from what happened to the old one, and avoid harsh cleaners in the future!

2. Value

Some think that it’s a better idea to outright replace a bathtub than refinish it, financially speaking. In fact, the choice to refinish bathtubs rather than replacing them is much more financially sound that any choice to simply replace them outright. Often, reglazing a bathtub is cheaper, and has in many ways the same effect as a replacement. A new coating covers up or removes any cracks and blemishes. It can also do a lot to make an outdated tub look new. Furthermore, a reglazing job usually only takes about three to four hours to do, with an added 24 hours for the curing process. This is much less involved and drawn out than the process of replacing a tub. If both processes yield essentially, the same results, why not choose the simpler and cheaper process?

3. Return On Your Investment

Perhaps you’re fine with the performance of your tub. It’s a bit banged up, but it does the job and you’re not worried about its level of cleanliness. A refinishing job is still a good idea after a certain amount of time. This is especially true if you want to sell your tub after a certain amount of time. Potential buyers will pay a lot of attention to your bathroom, and your bathtub in particular. If your bathtub is not only blemish-free but updated and modern, it will give a higher return on your investment for your house in general. This is a fairly simple thing to do to ensure that you get the best value possible for your home.

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