Want to Put New Flooring In? Decide What Kind with These 6 Tips

Hardwood floor types

Are you a homeowner? Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Is your flooring something you want to change? You have a lot of options when it comes to flooring. Hardwood flooring is very popular. According to Houzz, at least 34% of people who responded to one of their surveys said they have at least some hardwood flooring in their home. At least 54% of people who are looking to buy a new home say they would pay more for a house with hardwood floors, according to the National Association of Realtors. Hardwood flooring or tile are preferred for kitchens by more than 90% of people. Whether you are looking at a tile installation, hardwood floor installation or a carpet installation, you have to decide what the best flooring is for the room and your home.

6 Tips tor Picking the Right Flooring for Your Home:

  1. What is the style of your home? You clearly will want your flooring to compliment the style you have put throughout your home. Look at your home and think about what kind of flooring would look great. Hardwood floors can compliment almost any style but a tile installation may be great, too. Tile is very versatile so you just have to walk around your home and think about the flooring you have installed.
  2. Look at the shape and size of the area where your flooring will go. If the room you are looking at is small, you may want to put in flooring that is a light color because that can open up a room and make it look larger. If you want to add warmth to an area, you can put in flooring that is a mid level color. Get some samples and bring them to the different areas. Check this out at different times of the day, when the light is different. This may give you a better idea about what flooring will compliment your spaces.
  3. Think about the purpose of the area. What do you use the space for? If you are looking at your main hallway, you may not want to put carpet in, given the high traffic that area sees. By the same measure, if you are redoing a bathroom or the kitchen, a tile installation may be a great idea as it is good for areas that see a lot of water being used. The purpose of the room should be factored into your flooring decision.
  4. Do you like certain materials? What are your thoughts on hardwood, tile, stone and carpet? Do you have another flooring material that you like? Some people have very strong opinions about flooring materials. Do not feel badly if you do not feel strongly about this.
  5. Look at your color scheme. What colors are dominant in your home? That can make a difference in the flooring you decide to put in. For some kinds of flooring, you can get just about any color you want. When you are looking at a tile installation, your color choices for your flooring are just about endless. When you are looking at hardwood floors you do gave to think about wood floor patterns. Your color scheme will have an impact on what flooring will work.
  6. Go to the store and get a few samples. You can look at photos and think about how something will look but one really good way to tell is to take the samples home and look at them next to your furniture and walls. Some retailers let you upload pictures of the spaces you are flooring and test different kinds with those images. If you can do that, it is a great way to see how different flooring will look in your home. If you go to the store and get samples to bring home. Remember to look at them at different times throughout the day. Your rooms look different when the lighting changes throughout your home. Even if there are no windows in the area, the light from other rooms will spill into that area.

Picking the right flooring does not have to be a painful process. With some work, you can find the right flooring.

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