Worst Case 7 Things That Happen When You Don’t Clean Your Roof


Murphy’s Law tells us that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And while it’s unlikely that everything on this list will come to pass if you ignore cleaning your roof and gutters, there’s a strong chance that at least one of them will. Hiring a roof cleaning company to clear out your gutters and inspect your roof might not seem like an urgent concern, but the roof is one of the most important parts of your home.
When things go wrong with your roof and gutters, they tend to go really, really wrong. So if you’ve been putting off hiring a local roof cleaning company to clean, inspect, or wash the exterior of your home, then here’s what you’re actually risking: a home improvement nightmare of your own making.

Worst Case Scenario: 7 Things That Go Wrong When You Don’t Clean Your Roof

Clogged Gutters Cause Water Damage
There’s a reason your neighbors hire a gutter cleaning company once or twice a year. Gutters are specifically designed to collect water and move it to designated drainage points around your property. But when gutters get clogged, water overflows and instead collects around the foundation of your home. This can cause structural damage, basement flooding, mold, and worse.
Creepy, Crawling Creatures
When you neglect to pay for exterior house cleaning, tree branches, leaves, and other debris accumulates on the exterior of your home. Over time, these items act as superhighways for all manner of pests and insects: ants, mice, rodents, roaches, termites, and spiders. Lots of spiders.
Forget Bugs, What About Bats?
While your roof cleaning company won’t also act as an exterminator, they help alert homeowners to major problems with their roof. When you ignore these problems, holes in your flashing, shingles, fascia, or chimney can form. Inevitably, bats find their way into your attics and crawlspaces, forming a colony that will grow year after year. Look out for holes in the exterior of your home with black grease marks on the side, a tell tale sign of a bat colony.
Roof Leaks Can Cause Thousands in Damage
While clogged gutters cause water to pool under your home, broken roofs and missing shingles can cause water to leak inside your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners only notice this problem AFTER it’s caused thousands in water damage. Just one annual visit from a roof cleaning company can spare you from this common problem.
Want To Avoid Roof Replacement? Hire a Roof Cleaning Company
If you live in an older home, then it may be necessary to pay for an entire roof replacement rather than simple repair. That’s because fire codes have strict limits on the layers of asphalt shingles on a home. If you don’t give your roof the TLC it needs, you could end up paying for a much, much more expensive roof replacement instead.
Black Mold
When water leaks into your attic, crawlspace, or inside your walls, it soaks into your insulation, drywall, and the foundation of your home. Because of the lack of light in these spaces, it creates the perfect conditions for black mold. Not only is mold extremely expensive to get rid of, but it can cause serious health problems to anyone living under your roof.
Say Goodbye To Your Curb Appeal
Most people think of their home as an investment. Unfortunately, like any other type of investment, you have to take care of it, otherwise you’re just throwing money away. If you neglect basic home improvement jobs like roof cleaning and gutter inspections, you’ll find your home is no longer increasing in value.
Instead of seeing an ROI on your home, you’ll just have to throw good money after bad trying to repair it.

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