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From Tile To Tubs Maintaining And Refinishing Bathrooms

Porcelain tub refinishing atlanta

The bathtub: many of us take for granted that it will last forever. While the typical ceramic or porcelain tub does last a long time, no tub is meant to last forever, and all of them are replaceable. With that being said, why replace a tub when you can refinish it or repair it? Of course, you might be saying that while your tub doesn’t look great, it performs well. For one thing, a shabby-looking tub is shabby-looking, most likely, because it’s aged or damaged in some way. While that might not affect performance now, it eventually will. This is why you should be proactive in ensuring that your tub is kept updated — looking good and performing as it should. A tub refinishing was once seen as a long and expensive process, one that was outdone by a simple replacement. Now we know that a

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