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4 Types of Interior Basement Waterproofing To Consider

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Homeowners can attest that wet interior basements are usually overwhelmingly distressing. This is a common problem as 98 percent of basements in US experience some kind of water damage at some point. Sealing the wall can help to fix this problem, but first it is important to identify the source of the moisture, or know if it’s humidity. Getting the right sealing option makes a huge difference in interior basement waterproofing. Additionally, it helps to hire a professional who will also inspect for toxic mold. Here are options you have for interior waterproofing.

1. Silicate Contrete Sealers

They are also referred to as densifiers and are commonly used on unpainted or unsealed walls. These sealers work by soaking in and chemically reacting with the ingredients in the concrete to create an adhering, wate

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