From Tile To Tubs Maintaining And Refinishing Bathrooms

Porcelain tub refinishing atlanta

The bathtub: many of us take for granted that it will last forever. While the typical ceramic or porcelain tub does last a long time, no tub is meant to last forever, and all of them are replaceable. With that being said, why replace a tub when you can refinish it or repair it? Of course, you might be saying that while your tub doesn’t look great, it performs well. For one thing, a shabby-looking tub is shabby-looking, most likely, because it’s aged or damaged in some way. While that might not affect performance now, it eventually will. This is why you should be proactive in ensuring that your tub is kept updated — looking good and performing as it should. A tub refinishing was once seen as a long and expensive process, one that was outdone by a simple replacement. Now we know that a tub refinishing is a better investment for many than an outright replacement — and in terms of cost-efficiency, perhaps a cheaper one as well. For that matter, many find that the same companies that can help them with tub refinishings can also assist in fixing the floor that is damaged by a leaky or poorly-performing tub. They can also help you in making sure that your entire bathroom is as updated and good-looking as possible.

Tub Refinishings: What Goes Into Them

There’s much that goes into refinishing bathtubs. For one thing, it’s important to remember the materials that tubs are often made of. Some tubs are porcelain, while others are not. But the material with which a tub is made usually requires a certain level of care, similar to the kind of care required of tiles. Still, if you’re looking to refinish bathtubs, you should put even more care into the process. While bathtub surface repairs are easier fixes than deep damage, they still require a certain amount of time, dedication, and knowledge. One common type of bathtub repair is the tub reglazing — this in itself takes about three to four hours. It then needs to go on to cure, which in turn takes another 24 hours. The whole point of a reglazing is that it makes a tub look new again. But a reglazing isn’t always the fix that’s needed. When cracks or chips occur, it may be a better idea to use Bondo or another type of polyester putty. A simply outdated-looking tub without any other issues may simply need a new coating of some kind for a brighter look.

Why Refinish: The Advantage Of A Full Refinishing

There are many reasons why a person may choose to refinish a bathtub rather than leaving it as is. For one thing, a bathtub in need of refinishing typically doesn’t look very good. But in truth, this is far from the only reason why people choose to refinish their tubs. A refinished tub has more value, and a better chance of pleasing potential buyers should your home be put on the market. It’s certainly smarter to have your tub refinished and therefore at its full value. By refinishing and reglazing a tub, you’re saving a lot of money — it’s certainly cheaper than replacing and installing a tub. There’s also a more basic reason to have your tub refinished. A refinishing simply makes it cleaner. A damaged tub can foster a growth of bacteria and germs, and refinished tubs are much easier to clean than damaged ones.

Refinishing The Bathroom: Going Beyond The Tub

Again, there are many reasons why one should refinish a tub. But there’s more to refinishing a bathroom than just taking care of the tub. Tile, often made out of similar materials, tends to wear down and break over the years. This makes for a terribly unclean bathroom. Tile can be reglazed and refinished just a tub can be reglazed and refinished. This allows tile to last a bit longer, and in the long term is less expensive than a replacement.

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