Three Tips for Getting the Most Juice Out of Your HVAC Unit

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Did you know the ideal temperature for most humans to live in is between 70 and 75 degrees? Any colder than 70 degrees, and you need to crank up the heat pump or you’ll find yourself shivering. Much higher than 75 degrees and you’ll need your air conditioning service to keep you from having a heat stroke. Unfortunately, very few environments stay within that temperature range on their own, without the need of HVAC services to keep you comfortable. In fact we are so reliant on our HVAC system that our heating and cooling is the greatest user of energy throughout our homes.

Our reliance on heating in cooling makes it very inconvenient, if not dangerous, when it goes kaput and we need to call a professional air conditioner contractor. This is especially true because when we need a professional air conditioner contractor the most, its usually when it’s a hundred and fifty degrees and we’re desperate. At the same time, the professional air conditioner contractor have a laundry list of fifty other families who are just as desperate to help, so we’re stuck for days in suffocating heat. In order to avoid this unfortunate situation, make sure you take good care of your HVAC unit, to keep it in great working order always. Here are a few tips:

  1. Bring in a professional air conditioner contractor when you don’t need it.

    It might feel counter intuitive to hire an air conditioning guy during the off season, but this is exactly what you should do. You see, your first indication that your AC isn’t working might be when it’s hot out and when you crank it up, it doesn’t do anything. And a this point, you’re up a creek without a paddle. However, the trained eye of a pro will be able to see small issues that can easily and inexpensively be repaired before they turn into huge issues. By bringing in an AC tech when you don’t need one, you’re able to save yourself the hefty bill (and associated panic) of fixing it once it’s not working.

    As an added bonus, during the hot season, the AC pros have a long list of people they need to help; during the off season, they sit around with nothing to do (and not making any money). Many air conditioning pros charge a lower rate for their services during the off-season.
  2. Change your air filter like clock work.

    The air filter in your home is the gate keeper that catches all the dust and allergens from being forced through your system and into the air you breath. When you neglect the air conditioning filter, it gets caked with gunk, which is bad for everyone: It isn’t able to catch all the particles that you don’t want to breath in, so your air-quality pays the price. It allows dust and dirt into the critical elements of your HVAC system, which wears them out sooner. It also makes the motor have to work extra hard to pull air through it, which slows it down and burns it out. The cost of an air filter is less than the cost of your morning latte, whereas the cost of a new compressor is a year of your child’s college tuition. Change your filter at the change of every season, or more if you live in a particularly dusty environment.

  3. Work smart, not hard.

    The best way to keep your HVAC system in tip top shape is to not use it at all. Since that tip doesn’t make any sense, the next best way is to save it from overworking. Simple solutions for keeping your home in a comfortable temperature range can save you a load of money on your utility bill, and prolong the life of your HVAC unit: Optimize sunlight through the windows during the winter. Keep the blinds closed to prevent solar heat during the summer months. If you live in a hot environment, plant trees around your home to provide shade and keep the interior cooler. This simple measures will make your HVAC unit work half as hard, and double its lifespan.

Do you have any other tips for prolonging the life of an air conditioning unit? Please share with us in the comment section!

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