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Appliance on the Fritz? 3 Questions to Ask Before You Replace It

Refrigerator repairs

We live in a time when people want the newest and the latest. With our technology, we most often choose to replace an entire gadget instead of making a small repair. But with our large-scale home appliances, you should think twice before forgoing repairs for a total replacement. Sometimes, an appliance stops working past its expected lifespan, but other times, pursuing repairs can save you time, money, and a headache. Here are three important questions to ask before you go replacing that non-functional appliance:

  • Has this appliance given me trouble in the past?
    If your machine has always been tried and true — and it’s still within a normal lifespan for its type — you might want to consider getting dishwasher, dryer, or oven repairs instead of replacing the whole appliance

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