7 Tips for Designing Outdoor Living Spaces to Add Value to Your Home

Landscape design

After you have immensely invested on landscaping and turned you home to a tourist-like destination, you’ll probably need to sit outside and bask to the beautiful theme of your garden. So, why let that enchanting beauty disappear when the night falls and you have to go back to the house? You can create outdoor living spaces that can accommodate your family and friends for a get-together party or the annual festive celebrations. Outdoor rooms is simply an addition architectural feature to an already designed landscape, this can be done by landscape companies.

But how do you come up with an outdoor room?
It quite pertinent to decide which part of your house the outdoor room will be setup, it can either be set up in the front or the back yard but again, space is of concern here. If you have enough space in the backyard, this is the perfect place for an outdoor room and with the recent house plans, it possible to have an outdoor room just anywhere you need it. However, this is a creating an outdoor recreational space is one daunting task because it’s difficult to know what you require to get the job done. Below are tips to help you out with setting up an outdoor room.

What’s your Home Layout?
Before you start on anything else, it’s good you understand your home landscape and the features around it. Most people will prefer setting the outdoor kitchen or fireplaces at the edge of their backyard, not knowing there are limitless options to where they can put up these structures. And because your outdoor living space is also part of your garden, ensure plants don’t block entry and exit points to the patio. All landscape features must be seamless in their layout, they should complement each other. You can consult from landscape companies around if anything becomes a challenge.

Establish a Corner and enough space
In the process of laying out an outdoor room, ensure there are enough back supports such as wall, flower bed or hedge. This will give you ample positions when you sit down to give yourself magnificent views. This outdoor living space you are creating has to be bigger enough to accommodate different sized tables and chairs. But if your outdoor patio is limited on space, just settle with smaller furniture.

Light Up your Space
Lighting is as important as the entire landscaping process. Make sure you have your landscape lighting correct to enjoy the most your patio can offer. But since lighting up spaces isn’t a rookie task, you can find this service from landscape companies that offer quality landscaping options depending on what you need. With maximum outdoor lighting, you can now extend your time outdoors engaging in some fun activities like playing chess, scribbles or reading a book. It is recommended that outdoor paths and walls be installed with some low-voltage lighting for an alluring effect. For porch or deck, opt for LED options with expandable provisions. Table lamps can also be used in place of electricity lights around the sitting area.

Protect yourself From Mother Nature
You can afford getting rained on or making your guests squint. Furniture must be strategically positioned away from the sun and possible water sprouts from the rain.

Add a Fountain or an Aquarium
Add a little glam and style to your outdoor living space by introducing a small re-circulating fountain or a simple fish aquarium. These additional features can either be placed in one corner or at the center of the outdoor room.

By now, you know the relaxing effect of trees and flowers. So, choose a big planter with dazzling colors and put it somewhere in that outdoor room. Be flexible by trying different positions for the planter until you get a place that perfectly blends with it.

When done right, outdoor living spaces can elevate your landscape design and improve the look of your home. It is estimated that three out four homeowners conduct the outdoor project and they end up making changes to one or more of the outdoor structures. Good news is, you have the option of either doing your landscapes alone or contract from landscape companies.

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