Three Reasons Why Radon Testing is Crucial for Any Home

Radon system inspection

Many homeowners might not be aware of the importance of radon testing within their home. It?s not something that is frequently talked about, but making sure homes pass inspection for radon is important. For example, out of a random sampling of 15 homes, at least one of those will have radon levels either at or above what the EPA suggests is healthy. Radon has been shown to have a negative effect on health, and is considered the second cause behind lung cancer today, after smoking. With this in mind, home owners should seek out assistance from radon testing companies to ensure their home is not at or above what is considered a dangerous level. Here are three reasons why testing is so important.

Homeowners Cannot Be Sure the Exact Level of Radon in Their Home Without Testing

Radon requires professional testing and inspection. There is no easy way for homeowners to determine exactly how much radon is in their home. While there are both long and short-term detectors, using them will require a set amount of time, depending on how long the detector is for. Short-term ones can measure from 2 to 90 days at a time. Long-term detectors can take 90 days or more. While this is useful for homeowners to know, some might feel better having a professional come in and measure. The professional can also give an accurate reading of how much radon is in the home. Using a radon testing and inspection service ensures that the reading is done with accurately, and with an expert who has been through similar situations before.

Homeowners Might Not Be Aware of How Much Radon Is in Their Area

It is difficult to say how much radon affects a given area. Individuals who have just moved to a new property and state can benefit from local radon testing services. Radon testing companies that are within the area will have a good idea of how much any given location is affected, and at what risk families might be at. If individuals have never considered the threat of radon before, it is all the more reason for them to make use of a residential radon testing service. The sooner they can find out if there is a problem, the more quickly they can work to correct it, without putting themselves or their families at risk.

Radon Testing Can Benefit Homeowners Looking to Put Their House on the Market

For those looking to move, being able to show that their home has been tested for radon and came back in low numbers can be very beneficial when it comes to selling a home. Radon testing companies can provide testing and inspection, as well as written proof that the percentage of radon is low or none at all. If other homes in the area are at a higher level, this can give the seller a major advantage. For individuals not familiar, they can rest assured when they realize that they are reviewing a home has been through radon gas testing.

Many individuals might not be aware of the dangers of this deadly gas. That is where a radon testing companies can be a major benefit. They can inform and provide the individual with reassurance of their radon levels. While there are short and long term detectors that can assist with this, the expertise and accuracy of a professional cannot be underestimated in a case like this, where high levels of the gas can contribute to cancer and other health problems. For those who have not had to deal with radon before, they can feel empowered by having a professional show them the exact levels and explain what is safe. Finally, those who would like to put their house on the market can benefit by having written proof from a professional that their house has passed inspection for radon levels. This can make selling go much more smoothly, as well as showcase how desirable the home is since it is considered safe, something that might not hold true of all homes in the area.

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