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A Brief History of Biomass Pellet Production

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The first use of biomass pellets for energy dates back to the 1970s when researchers were looking for alternatives to fossil fuels in the wake of the energy crisis. Because of the nation?s prominent timber industry and commitment to environmental conservation, Sweden was the first to introduce the industrial wood pellet making machine. They opened up a plant in November 1982; however, they immediately encountered problems due to the high cost of pellet production. Ultimately, the endeavor failed because the pellets were poor quality (made from bark) with an ash content of up to 17%. The plant was forced to close in 1986.

The industry reached a major turning point during the early 1990s wh

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Gutters, Drains And Faucets Keeping Your House Going Strong This Winter

Sewer line repair in ri

It’s getting cold. You know what that means! You need to start cleaning out your gutters and pipes for the winter season. While that doesn’t sound like fun, what’s even less fun is dealing with the financial aftermath of clogs, leaks and cracks. Thankfully, Rooter services are available to address foundation issues and get you back to your daily life without a hitch. Frozen pipes, damaged sewers and clogged toilets are no match for seasoned professionals and below we’ll take a look at common issues in the home and how you can avoid them.

What Are Common Issues Homeowners Face?

There’s nothing like a clogged toilet or leaky drain to throw your whole home in disarray. Studies have found a s

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