I Want To Renovate My Home Where Should I Get Started?


Thinking of giving your house a more modern redesign but aren’t sure where to get started? Then this list is for you! Remodeling is one of the best ways of contributing to your mental and emotional health, with the added benefits of an improved ROI and curb appeal in the long-term. Renovations can be as simple as sprucing up certain areas of your bathroom or completely overhauling your front lawn. Whichever sounds the most appealing to you, these top five tips will definitely help you get started on the right foot.

Check Out Popular Renovations

What do people like to redesign in their houses, anyway? A Houzz survey found over 60% of homeowners have concrete plans to remodel their master bathroom within the year — this includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, switching out curtains, improving toilet functionality and adding new cabinets for space. Additional projects include changing the master bedroom, living room and dining room.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

You can have the best of both worlds when seeking out a good home redesign by choosing more energy efficient models. A Houzz survey saw a whopping 91% of participants saying they want to install energy efficient toilets during their bathroom renovations — when industry studies have shown toilets to be some of the most energy hungry technologies in the modern home, this is a pretty clever decision! Consider installing better windows or doors to retain heat.

Improve Your Floors

Your floor supports everything you do. Literally! A good carpet or hardwood floor can mean the difference between a cozy home and a lackluster environment. A whopping 54% of future buyers in a recent survey were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors than those without, with another 35% of remodeling jobs involving the entire home rather than a particular part. A quality carpet is perfect for trapping allergens and heat, ideal for cold environments or sensitive constitutions, while a hardwood floor is easy to maintain and is incredibly beautiful for any style of home.

Boost Your ROI

Thinking of selling your home in a few years? A redesign will go a very long way. Nearly 14% of those preparing to sell their home are also interested in renovations that focus on improving curb appeal. Since over 85% of homes in the United States were built before 1980, even a simple renovation can drastically help your home appeal to future buyers. Overall, your ROI can be bolstered by 10% or so with a decent renovation.

Get Started

Whatever you decide to do, take solace in that it’ll help your home in a wide variety of ways. Over a quarter of renovations are driven by recent home purchases at nearly 27%, with more than one in 10 renovators purchasing a home in 2015. Kitchens are the most popular interior remodeling projects at 30%, followed closely master bedrooms and living rooms. A renovation can include touching up the tiles in your bathroom, adding new curtains to the window or installing shrubberies by the front door. A contractor can assess the needs of your home and provide you with good prices and plans to help you achieve your goals. When it comes to redesign, the sky’s the limit!

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