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6 Great Maintenance Tips for Your Whole House Generator

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More and more people are turning to emergency generators to keep the lights on when there is a power outage. Between hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards, the United States experiences some of the most violent weather on the planet. This is why so many people need whole house generators to keep the power on during an emergency. There are some things you can do to keep your generator running the way you need it to.

  1. Get the right wattage for your needs. Whole house generators have two ratings for their wattage. There is the maximum or starting rating and then the rating for the general running of the generator. You need to find out what your power needs are and get a generator that will run at

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Update Your Home With Fine Italian Furniture

Contemporary italian furniture

Millions of Americans shop for furniture each year. Whether they’re looking for a fine 100 percent leather sofa or a new solid oak wooden table, furniture and home furnishing stores exist in virtually every U.S. city. Because of this, these stores generate a lot of sales every year, about $101.41 billion in 2013 alone. Home furnishing stores alone generated $44.36 billion in sales, and experts expect that number to keep rising, just as they have been for years. For example, furniture and home furnishing sales totaled about $52.34 billion in 1992 but exploded to $101.41 billion in 2014.

But why do people like shopping for furniture so much? Why are so many people willing to shell out hundr

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Are You Getting Ready to Sell Your Home?

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It has been easy to put aside the fact that your house has not sold. The decision to take a long Thanksgiving vacation to California was an easy one to make. First of all, the vacation would allow you spend a significant amount of time with your children and their spouses, as well as your sister and her family. Secondly, traveling a couple of thousand miles away from the unsold house would allow you to forget about that stress for a few days. Even though you understand that your house has a couple of uniques challenges that make it more difficult to sell, driving past that realtor sign day after day is frustrating.
You love everything about your new house, but the fact that your husband has had to mow two yards for the last three months, and the fact that he may soon have to scoop to driveways is exhaust

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Three Ways to Prevent Pest Infestations from Taking Over the Home

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Pest infestations can be a serious matter. From mice or rats to moles and even squirrels, people who are facing problems with these little critters would do well to develop a rodent control plan. Many people think that they do not have to worry about pest control service until they actually see one. Nothing could be further from the truth however, and it is better to be prepared with a plan of action instead of waiting to call a pest control solutions company. As many as 15% of new homes have various forms of damage to the structure, which can include termite damage. This shows that even brand-new housing is not immune to bug and rodent problems. Here are three ways that can be useful in preventing rodents in and around your house and yard.

Take Time to Circle Your Home and Propert

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