The History of Modern Designer Furniture

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The history of furniture dates back a very long way. Researchers have found the first evidence of the first cell phone that goes back Egypt in 2000 BC. Modern designer furniture we started to be developed in the 19th-century and continues to today. It is known for disruption, this continuity and unexpected designs. It rejects traditional unrealistic values.

The first modern designer furniture looks very different older furniture styles. It features sleek and less ornate design patterns. Since its inception modern furniture as undergone several two with different movements ruling the day.

The earliest forms of modern furniture where in the shaker style. This is the predominant contemporary furniture from 1830 to 1850. The shaker designs we’re very bare I’m playing. They lack any decoration and feature function over form. Made from natural materials and no ornate touches. There was nothing extraneous about any of their modern furniture design.

The next style of modern designer furniture featured a Gothic Revival. This is the furniture of the day from 1851 until about 1914 this also use natural materials and featured designs inspired by nature. This was not a simple as shaker designer furniture. Even today sub pieces of Gothic revival furniture are around.

After the Gothic era was over, Adirondack era was ushered in. This style of modern designer furniture often makes use of simple pieces of wood or logs for this bark still on them. These pieces have a more rustic appeal and again designers make use of natural materials this style is still prevalent today. It is possible to buy new pieces but you are better off going to an antique store. That way I’ll know the pieces you get

In 1900, Art Nouveau hit the scene. These pieces we’re completely new ever based primarily on the flowing nature of vines and leaves. It was also heavily influenced by artist in Japan.

That same year, another form of modern design your furniture was also introduced. This movement was called the Arts and Crafts Style of furniture. It utilized natural products this is wood,and fine workmanship. It also featured great materials and clean airlines. This style designer or contemporary furniture remains popular today.

By 1918 and 1919, more styles of modern design furniture we are being developed. Art Deco showed up in 1918. Bauhaus which of the following year. The Art Deco style has more ornamentation, uses more colors a distinctive patterns. This is a fashion centered designer contemporary furniture style. It also features skyscrapers, bolts of electricity and zigzags of color.

Bauhaus by contrast looks to unify Technology and art. I like Art Deco you did not use much in the way of ornamentation. This is kind of furniture uses different material. The pieces are not always crafted from would what made with man made materials. Some of the items create the Bauhaus style include glass, plastics on metal tubing.

In 1925, the International modern style was developed. These modern furniture designers made a point to not include any store references. This was considered a very radical move. It also emphasize use of modern materials with a special attention paid to technology. This style is out any extraneous decoration. It also leaves out any references to specific regions.

The 1980s you’re 1990s sorry advent of the High Tech true contemporary furniture. This tile furniture featured aspects of science, technology, to make modern and contemporary furniture. This also elements taken from the space industry, electronics.

Today modern designer furniture it’s called contemporary. It mixes the use of new technological trends and makes use all available technology. Unlike other contemporary furniture this does not emphasize one style. It is a very streamlined style in keeping with the style of the day.

The accent of the first modern furniture market a departure from tradition. From the days and only Nobles and Kings had chairs in their homes to the modern day when just about everybody has them, a lot of changes have occurred in the world of furniture. Even the dining table has changed a lot over the years. It has been said that both the Greeks and Romans use tables for dining. These were not kept out all of the time and hidden under a bed when they were not being used





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