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Furnishing Your Vacation Rental Property

Outer banks indoor furniture

When residential markets improve, so does the real estate investment market. This means more people are purchasing secondary homes to either flip for profit or to rent out. One of the most common trends today is the purchase of rental vacation houses. As the economy improves, more people take vacations. With a shift toward vacation rentals versus hotel resorts, vacation rental investors profiting. As a new vacation rental owner, what types of furniture and amenities should you provide to your renters?

Indoor furniture
Vacation renters are different than residential renters. They are only renting the house for short period of time. Even longer term renters are only in the property for a month or two. For this reason, rental owners need to provide all needed indoor

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The Importance of Plumbing Knowledge as a Homeowner

Water heater installation

Most homeowners know very little about their plumbing. They are unaware of how the plumbing pipes enter and exit the house. They are unaware of how to repair or install their water heater. They are even unaware of how a simple toilet clog can lead to an expensive flood remediation service. This is shocking, considering that water damage and flooding is the number one insurance claim in the country. Many of these disastrous floods could have been prevented with minimal plumbing knowledge or regular plumbing service inspections.

Minimal plumbing awareness

There is nothing wrong with a general lack of knowledge regarding your house?s plumbing. However, homeowners should have minimal plumbing knowledge. This means having the ability to identify a flood or leak. It also means understa

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