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Three Home Renovations that Make CENTS

European kitchen design

Some people assume that if they pour a bunch of cash into home renovations, they’ll be able to sell their home for far more than they put into the updates, and make the money back in the long-run. This is not actually true. In fact, no matter how great your home update is, there is a slim chance that it will increase the value of your property by the amount that you spent on the update.

This might sound like we’re shooting ourselves in the foot, being a home update blog. But hear us out: While you shouldn’t update your home to make more money off of selling it, some home updates are a good decision. If your home is outdated or in need of repairs, you’ll have a hard time selling it at all. Giving it a fresh look and feel might be the sole reason that you’re able to sell it, and sometimes at a

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