The Golden Gark RakeInnovations in Landscaping

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People are always looking for the perfect gardening tool. Typically, the ideal tool will perform several tasks with the efficiency of one tool created exclusively for for one type of job on an outdoor property. The gark rake, also known as the Golden gark rake, is a multi-purpose three in one gardening tool. It is a shovel, a rake, and a soil sieve combination that is the perfect choice for jobs like raking leaves and then shoveling the piles into lawn and leaf bags. It is a very lightweight tool which enables almost anyone to be able to use it effectively. Bending over to scoop up large amounts of leaves or soil is never necessary when using a gark rake, since the tool can both rake and scoop because of its comfortable and convenient construction. It is also designed as a soil sieve, which turns sifting the debris out of dirt into another easy chore.

The gark rake is constructed of polycarbonate and powder-coated aluminum, which is the reason for its light weight. In spite of being as light as it is, it is a very durable tool designed for easy use doing any job around the yard. Because of its durability it is not only able to rake fallen leaves and other obvious waste around the yard, it can also gather fruit from the ground that has fallen from trees, as well as nuts and rocks. It does a great job spreading compost or mulch while eliminating the bending involved in yard work that could cut a job short before it is done. In gardening other digging tools are not needed because of the ability that the gark rake has of being a shovel rake combo.

Gardening and yard work are projects that the whole family can enjoy together. The gark rake is a tool that is so versatile and lightweight that almost anyone can maneuver it easily, even children and grandchildren. A study conducted in 2009 showed that 95.6% of children who took part in a gardening project found that they loved the art and thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate.

The gark rake is a tool that will eliminate the need for other products with which to do specific jobs around any property. It can easily be used to shovel snow, and to remove garbage and algae from a pond or pool. Scooping up trash from a surface of sand or soil is easy. It will pick up the trash while sifting the sand or the dirt, now devoid of garbage, back onto the ground. The gark rake is even durable enough to scoop up bricks from a spot where they do not belong! In the event that a homeowner will be paving over the spot where a garden exists, the gark rake will do a great job of equalizing the spot to prepare it for the job. Picking up pet waste is made easier than ever, and even spreading fertilizer becomes a simple task.

Homeowners preparing to place their house on the market will often have their landscaping upgraded. Statistics show that this type of work not only improves the home’s curb appeal but can also add about 12% to its resale value. Using the gark rake can save both time and money for the homeowner who chooses to do his or her own landscaping. Several jobs can be done with the one tool, doing away with the necessity of spending a lot of money to buy separate tools for each task. In addition, because the gark rake dismisses most of the need for bending and lifting, many people are able to more in less time with less effort.

The gark rake is not only useful in very many ways, but it is a necessary tool for anyone who spends time gardening and working in their yard. With the preparation and tending of yards, gardens, and land that cover 20 million acres of lawn throughout the United States, this three in one tool is a highly recommended commodity.

The construction of the gark rake is the reason for its comfort in use along with its durability. It is extremely flexible which enables it to slide over ground as opposed to into the ground.

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