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Tips For Beautiful Custom Lighting Designs For Your Home

Residential lighting design

Home decor is a major aspect of any home and rarely does any one consider lighting as part of the ho decor process. There?s nothing worse than a beautiful house on the inside and out and when you walk into a certain room the lighting is so poor that you can barely see your own reflection in the windows or mirrors. At times it might be that a certain room may have either too much lighting in a certain area of the house or to much lighting completely. This is where custom lighting design is used to create a more friendly and aesthetically pleasing source of lighting that compliment each and every space of the house the way it should.

Custom lighting design can be done for the exterior of the house as well as the interior. Depending on where in or around the house you implement a custom lighting

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5 Things In Your Backyard That Need Upkeep

Best waterproof

Your backyard can be the center of all entertainment during the summer months. You can have countless guests over for multiple parties. These could be pool parties, cookouts, or even just fun days hanging out on the grass or in a pool chair. That said, you should always remember that your backyard is a lot of work too. You have to do a lot to make sure that everything is not only looking great, but making you feel great. To help you make sure of that, here’s a list of 5 tasks you should do before this summer season starts.

  1. The Pool
    First, you have to make sure your pool is going well. There is a lot that goes into maintaining a pool. If you have one, I’m sure you know this as a fact. There are a lot of things to worry about such as making sure to get all of the bugs and debris out, m

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