Top 3 Reasons for AC Failure and How to Avoid Them

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It can be a real pain when you need AC repair done during the summer months and often very uncomfortable and even fatal if you have small children or the elderly in an unconditioned home during the hottest months. Though accidents happen and you may need AC repair even if you keep your AC in good condition, there are ways to hopefully keep yourself from needing air conditioning repair and even cut down on your cooling costs. Heating and cooling costs use up almost half the energy in the average American home. Improper installation, a lack of maintenance, or out of date technology can all contribute to driving that percentage up, as well as your bills. So what are some common AC repair issues and how can you keep them from happening?

If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, you should first check the fuses and circuit breakers to see if they’ve blown. The unit should cool down (wait about five minutes) before the breakers get reset. Often, simply resetting the breaker can reboot the system and you’re good to go again.

Other common issues involve compressor or fan control failure, problems with the sensor, and drainage issues, all of which can be fixed with a technician’s help.

What To Look For In an Air Conditioning Company?

You obviously want a company with plenty of experience (and one that’s licensed by the Contractors State License Board) — but check and see if they’re up to date on new technologies and installation processes. You want a company with a reputable and solid background, but also one that’s not afraid to embrace new trends and try what’s up and coming in the market.

Take a few different bids or estimates from companies to compare and contrast. Shopping around is never a bad thing! The company should come out and take a look at your property so they can get a feel for the work that will need to be involved.

Asking friends and family for recommendations is also another great way to find a reliable AC company who can help you with your installation and maintenance needs.

Avoid AC repair when you hire a trustworthy AC company
for proper installation and keep your air conditioning unit in good condition.

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