Top Five Designer Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen, Bathroom Or Bedroom This Year

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Do you look forward to using your bathroom when you get up in the morning? How about when you come home from work? It can be easy to take for granted a space you frequent, particularly when you have so much on your mind, but the fact of the matter remains. A mediocre or boring home just doesn’t do much for your mental wellness. More homeowners are beginning to see this wisdom and are reaching for their favorite tools to start on more projects than ever before. This can be adding stone backsplash tiles to their bathroom for flavor, installing a new drawer in their kitchen for functionality or just sprucing up their bathtub for relaxation sessions. Sound like your cup of tea? These top five tips will help you get started.

Check Out Popular Projects

It can be daunting choosing just where to focus your attention in the home. Your kitchen? Your bathroom? Your master bedroom? Sometimes less truly is more. A National Association Of Home Builders Survey saw nearly 70% of requested jobs for kitchen remodeling. Another survey conducted by Houzz saw 60% planning on remodeling their master bedroom. Cementing what part of the home just doesn’t sit right with you is a great way of narrowing down your focus. But that’s not all you’ll need to pick.

Narrow Down Your Favorites

What’s your favorite color? Are you more classic in your tastes or do you prefer more modern flavors? This can help you out when you’re perusing stone backsplash tiles and ceramic tile flooring online. There are plenty of lovely styles for you to choose from on your personal do-it-yourself journey, with one man’s trash being another’s treasure. A popular rule of thumb used by many artists is to favor two or three colors when cementing a color scheme to keep your layout from appearing too busy.

Avoid Common Rookie Mistakes

Don’t make common rookie mistakes when installing your kitchen backsplash designs. A minor failure can be devastating for some and can ruin your project before it’s even started! Keep a close eye on your PEI class rating when choosing your tile. The lowest rating at 1 is designed exclusively for walls, as the tile is for decorative purposes and can’t handle foot traffic. A rating of 5 is incredibly durable, though, and can withstand years of wear and tear.

Remember To Measure Right

Measuring might not sound like a lot of fun, but it’ll make sure you use your money wisely and don’t mess up your stone backsplash tiles. One square foot comprises eight three by six inch subway tiles. Measure your project space thoroughly, round your number up to the next highest square foot and add another 10% or 15% to cover potential waste or breakage. This can give you wiggle room for the future.

Have Fun With It

You’re putting together a beautiful design in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Why not enjoy it? Mental wellness is becoming more and more widespread as people become privy to the benefits of feeling relaxed, satisfied and appreciative whenever they return home. A mosaic backsplash in your bathroom or stone backsplash tiles do more than just look pretty. They make you feel whole. For those that want even more peace-of-mind? Bathroom additions have an average ROI of 86%, while even a very minor kitchen remodel can yield an ROI of 83%. Consider cementing a project today and reap the benefits of a more beautiful home throughout the year.

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