Lighting the way forward

Landscape lighting

We have an interesting and difficult relationship with the idea of darkness. Of course, it’s seeped into our culture as a bad thing. You’d be hard pressed to find a movie or a comic book that doesn’t make some reference to the forces of darkness as a bad thing. The day is this supposed good thing that keeps us safe from the forces of night. This makes some sort of symbolic sense to some degree. After all, humans are a diurnal species. We are most active during the day and we sleep at night. Though we often like to think of ourselves as having conquered the natural world, in reality we are still very much at the whim of our wild impulses. We sleep at night, we are active during the day and we still eat the food that grows from the earth. Everyone from the boss of a st louis landscape lighting company to an outdoor lightning specialist to the queen of England is subject to all these needs and necessities. But, out of all them, the one that often goes most unquestioned is our relationship to day and night. How did it come about and how does it affect how we conduct our culture now? It does, most certainly, and more than we can see on the surface level. How did we get here anyway?