How a Heatmor Furnace Saves Money


Almost everyone has a furnace of some kind, in order to keep their house warm and adequately heated during winter. Usually the furnace resides in the basement, or a utility closet, or some other portion of the house. However, many folks don?t realize that they can save money and make it easier to maintain their home, with the help of an outdoor furnace. Heatmor furnaces are an ideal solution to those who want to have an outside furnace for the first time, and are not sure where to begin. Read on to discover more about the benefits of using such a furnace.

Outdoor Furnaces Are More Common Than Most People Realize

Although many individuals have never even considered the concept of an outdoor furnace, they are popular. At the present time, there are over 150,000 outdoor furnaces in use, and the numbers keep on growing. These furnaces burn wood, which can be easy for homeowners to acquire, depending on where in the country they live. Outdoor furnaces, such as the heatmor stove, can easily be put in the backyard. This makes it easy to maintain the furnace, without making it an eyesore.

Having an Outdoor Furnace Can Save Money and Cheaply Heat a Home

If heating the home has become cost prohibitive based on the choice of heating (such as oil or electric), it may be time to consider the benefits of a heatmor brand outdoor furnace. These furnaces who live near a heavily wooded area do not have to pay anything to heat their home, since they can cut down wood for free. This gets rid of a heating bill, which is known to climb in the winter, and make it costly to stay warm, particularly for individuals who live in very cold regions. After calculating costs of heating a home with oil or electric compared with one who can obtain wood for free, homeowners can save over $40,000 over a period of ten years. With money saved, individuals can find a multitude of uses, from putting the money aside for their children, to becoming debt-free, rather than focusing on an enormous heating bill.

Outdoor Furnaces Do Not Consume a Great Deal of Wood

Although it might be logical to assume that anyone who uses an outdoor furnace must acquire a great deal of wood, in order to stay properly heated, heatmor brand furnaces do not require as much wood as one would initially think. Unlike a normal wood furnace, these use anywhere from 25% to 65% less wood in order to properly heat and maintain the comfort ability of a house. When using these furnaces, individuals will still find a savings that goes beyond traditional methods that involve heat and oil, since they are not as costly and do not require using as many materials and sources. Homeowners can feel secure in their purchase of a heatmor furnace, knowing it will benefit their home and save them money in the long run.

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