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Finishing Hardwood Floors with Burnished Wood

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Burnished wood is a finishing option available for hardwood floors that leaves a durable, smooth surface. Nearly 34% of the floors in homes are covered in hardwood. Many of these households have kids, large dogs, and a lot of foot traffic. Burnished wood is a great option for active homes like this as the surface can withstand the daily pounding while still looking amazing.

If you are considering getting new hardwood flooring or refurbishing what you already have, that is a sound decision for your wallet. Nearly all real estate agents, 99% of them in fact, state that selling homes with hardwood floors is easier than selling homes that don’t offer the upgrade. Over 80% of realtors note that these homes also tend to sell much faster than other homes. With a solid return on investment, getting burnished wood floors or finding the best way to refinish hardwood floors will double or even triple your investment.

The process of burnishing wood can occur in a few different ways. One way involves heating the wood to evaporate water. The wood grain openings then close up. Next, a specific oil is applied with a buffer to press it into the wood. This is basically how hardwood floors were finished many years ago, but with some new technology. One of the benefits is that with burnished floors, you don’t need to apply any chemicals like polyurethane or shellac. Additionally, the wood looks very natural. Without the extra coatings, you don’t have to worry about scratches in the shellac. You can just buff high traffic areas as needed without having to move all of your furniture around. The best part is that you can used a burnished wood refinishing technique on a wide variety of wood floors. Even hardwood floors with mosaic floor patterns or parquet patterns work well with the burnishing technique.

When searching for the best wood floors NYC has to offer, take the time to learn all of your finishing options for your hardwood, whether you want a new installation or a refurbishing. Consultants are ready to answer all of your questions to help you feel confident with your decision.