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What to Do With Water You Want and Water We Don’t Want

Water tanks

The world is made up mostly of water. So much of that water is water we can’t really use in our everyday life. On one percent of the planet’s water is drinkable. The rest is too salty or unreachable in the ice caps. Even so, that one percent is still a great deal of water, if not enough to sustain us indefinitely. We need water to live and we often need to have it removed. A properly dug well is undeniably important, but so is basement sump pump installation.

What that means, then, is that we have to find ways to harness the usable water and do that to the degree that our water gathering methods can be sustained. The technology that centers around gathering water has come a long way as we have progressed as a species. For roughly ten thousand years, we have dug wells to bring fresh water up from below

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