What’s The Difference Between Task, Ambient And Accent Lighting?

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Light is your hidden supporter.

We sleep a third of our lives away. What do we do the rest of the time? We eat. We laugh. We love. Light is what guides us through our experiences the majority of our time, from the sunrise filling us up with new energy to the fluorescent lighting that marks a modern building. The art of customizing lighting to our merest whim is a large and old one, one more homeowners are becoming privy to as they try to bring out the very best in their house beyond new furniture. Should you be new to this subtle and effective way of improving your home, there’s no need to worry. Learning about lighting is just like learning about anything else — a little patience and a careful eye will go a long way.

Lighting accounts for up to 10% of the total energy consumed in the home. Why not make the most out of it?

Easy Lighting Basics

Light is incredibly varied. It can actually seem entirely impossible to pin down all the unique styles, brilliant colors and energy sources available to you. Try starting simple and see how you can improve just one room in your home. The three basic types of lighting available for interior design are ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. Ambient lighting is the option you should choose if you want to fill up an entire room with a soft glow. Accent lighting is more particular, adding little touches here and there to complete your set-up. Lastly, task lighting is primarily functional and used to help you work or study.

The Benefits Of Good Lighting

A well-lit room is more welcoming than a poorly lit one. Bringing out your home’s hidden potential is made that much easier when you invest in lighting stores, with Dimond lighting and Leucos lighting just a few of the brands to choose from. Bright lighting has been associated with feelings of positivity, better concentration and reduced fatigue. On the other hand, bad lighting on a consistent basis has been found to encourage feelings of listlessness and hopelessness. A Houzz Kitchen Trends Study found over 80% of homeowners actively choosing to renovate their lighting fixtures.

Simple Dining Room And Kitchen Ideas

What are the most frequented areas of your home? Answering this question will help you get started on your journey to a more beautifully lit house. A Houzz Bathroom Trends Study conducted last year saw the master bathroom as one of the most popular choices alongside the kitchen. The brightest spot in the dining room is frequently the table, perfect for getting people excited for the upcoming lunch or dinner. Kitchen pendant lights should be no more than 48 inches from the top of the counter to avoid being knocked into.

Saving Energy The Modern Way

Your home can use anywhere from 7% to 10% of its total energy output on lighting. Is it possible to save money after you invest in Dimond lighting or other high end lighting brands? Fluorescent bulbs are up to five times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. They’re also considered a better option than halogen for their strong output and low input. Remembering to turn off your lights after you leave the house or go to bed will also help shave off excess from your monthly energy bill. Lighting companies offer Dimond lighting, Holtkotter lighting and any number of brands geared toward specific tastes.

Choosing Your Lighting For Projects

Your personal lifestyle and interests will determine how you shift light around your home. Freelancers who work inside will benefit from both functional task lighting (think a bright desk lamp) and beautiful accent lighting for mood. Homeowners who want to host birthday parties and holiday dinners may want to add a chandelier in the dining room to kick off the festivities. Dimond lighting is an elegant choice for a minimalist set-up, while Bowery lights have a distinctly modern appearance.

Shed some light on what your home is missing and see how you can improve your quality of life with a simple installation.

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