Everything You Need to Improve the Look of Your Home’s Floors


When you walk into a residential home or business, what is one of the first things that you notice? Do you see the way that a homeowner has decorated their walls, or perhaps the color they chose to paint their walls? Do you notice the ceiling lamp or fan, and awe at its beauty? What about the way that the room is set up – to make it the most spacious kitchen or living room in existence? Or do you notice the floor that you’re walking on? When a homeowner picks out the right flooring, it opens up endless possibilities. Everything else falls together in a home when the floor looks great and ties each and every one of the pieces together in a way that you never would have expected. So, whether you choose laminate floors, vinyl plank floors, or carpets, you have options – in fact, the options are endless!

Flooring Playing the Ultimate Role in Many Homes

What type of flooring do you prefer? The statistics are in, and many people have options on what the “best” types of flooring are, and how they play the ultimate role in their home. Some statistics show: It really depends on the room. For instance, 44% of homeowners prefer that they have carpet in their bedroom. On the other hand, 90% of homeowners say that they would like hardwood floors or tiles in their kitchen. Some people prefer carpet in other rooms because they have heard the studies that suggest that carpets reduce allergens. Studies show that, when carpet buying reduced, allergic reactions within the general population increased by 30%! What do you prefer?

Some people choose laminate floors because they know that this type of flooring is able to withstand a lot, lasting anywhere from 15-25 years. No matter what type of flooring, houses across America are being upgraded due to a variety of flooring renovations. According to a survey just taken last year in 2017, homeowners renovating their kitchens said that 71% of them are upgrading their flooring. By starting with the flooring, they’re sealing the deal on one of the most important decisions in their entire home.

So, will it be laminated floors, vinyl planks, or carpet? And what room will you choose to decorate each with? It’s totally up to you – because you have endless choices and possibilities.

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