5 Kitchen Design Tips to Keep in Mind for Resale Value

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There are some household renovations that can significantly improve your resale value. If you are considering selling in the next year, renovating the kitchen can not only increase the list price but also create added demand. Consider the following kitchen designs when completing your home renovation.

Research local kitchen design trends
Kitchen designs are constantly changing. Failing to keep up with these trends can make it difficult to sell your house. Many people would say that the kitchen is the most important part of the house and attempting to sell an outdated kitchen can bring down your value and cause buyers to not make an offer. Approximately 76% of homeowners change the style of their kitchen during their renovation project. It is best to choose kitchen designs that are currently selling. Work with a local realtor to view previously sold homes.

Value functionality
A functional kitchen is actually more important than one that just looks nice. Many potential buyers enjoy kitchen designs that are wide open with plenty of countertops. This gives them sufficient storage space as well as enough room to cook larger meals. The specific materials that you choose for your countertops will depend on the current trends, but of the 93% of homeowners who are updating countertops during a kitchen renovation, the majority is choosing natural stone materials. A functional kitchen is also one that you can easily move around and has sufficient seating.

Keep colors neutral
You might enjoy loud and bold colors, but if you are selling soon, it might be best to skip those loud colors and go with neutral ones instead. Neutral colors speak to the majority of home buyers. You don?t want to turn away buyers that do not enjoy the kitchen color and feel like they have to repaint immediately upon moving in. Go with browns, tans, or whites. These colors can pair with any design and are appealing to all types of buyers.

Upgrade your appliances when possible
It might seem like a waste of money to upgrade your appliances to the latest model when you will not get the chance to use them. However, upgraded appliances can be a huge selling point. Many homeowners go into a house knowing that they will have to spend a lot of money on new upgrades within just a couple of years. You can also factor these new appliances into the list price, getting you an increased value. Even a minor kitchen remodel has an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%.

Make even the most minor of repairs
It can be easy to ignore minor home repairs over time. You never find the time to repaint that chip on the door or to tighten the screw on the corner cabinets. However, these repairs are important when selling. Home buyers will notice the smallest of damages and they can significantly affect their offer price. Give yourself a couple of months to make any needed repairs and renovations before ever listing the house. Houses that are completely move in ready attract the most attention and sell the fastest.

Home remodeling projects are done for a variety of purposes including added comfort and functionality, as well as to increase value during a time of sale. Kitchen renovations are one of the best improvements to make and can get you a higher offer price within a shorter period of time. Make sure you are keeping up with the latest kitchen designs and that you are completing any and all home repairs.

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