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Spring Is Here and So Is Home Repair and Maintenance Season

The last of the home projects are almost complete. With some workers scheduled to come recaulk the concrete drive way and another crew coming to power wash the deck by the end of the week, you have almost reached the end of the tasks that you wanted to complete before your younger daughter’s high school graduation party.
As you looked at all of the possible locations for her party, the entire family agreed that having the party at your house would be the perfect solution.
Using this decision as a way to take care of some of the maintenance issues around the house, you made a list nearly six months ago of all the tasks that you wanted to get done. As soon as the seams between the concrete on the drive way are caulked and the deck is cleaned you will have successfully reached the end of that list.
What Home Maintenance Projects Do You Have Scheduled for This Spring?
Whether you are preparing for a graduation party, another event, or you simply want to ma

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