Facts and Stats About America’s Landscaping and Lawn Care

Lawn care in the United States is a huge industry, and one that often operates in the background of life. If you’re interested in things like gravely clutch repair, or know what a kees mower clutch is, read on for all the stats about the lawn care industry in America.

Lawn Care Revenue

The industry that services America’s lawns and gardens brought in $77 billion in revenue during 2016 alone. For landscaping companies nationwide, the median revenue is about $217,000 a year, and things are evenly split between commercial and non-commercial landscaping in terms of who is purchasing these services.

Residential Landscaping and Lawns

In 2015, Americans spent nearly $16 billion on lawn care services. There are 85 million private lawns attached to homes in the United States, and 83% of people in the country think that a yard is important. Of those who actually own a yard, 90% think it is crucial to keep it well-maintained. Every year, people in both professional landscaping and non-professionals are looking for lawnmower parts or gravely clutch repair: so much so that retail spending on lawn care supplies is expected to reach more than $6.5 billion by 2019.


It’s not just professional landscapers or private yard owners who are interested in gravely clutch repair and bush hog clutch replacement. America has three million farmers, and 87% of American farms are owned and operated by families or individuals, not corporations or companies. The average farms runs to 418 acres, and keeping that amount of space maintained requires lawn and landscaping supplies and machines, as well.

Landscaping Habits

The average American spends four hours a week on lawn care and upkeep. This means the average person spends eight whole days of their year on their lawn. The lawn is America’s largest “crop,” with an estimated size of over 63,000 square miles, even though it’s a crop that no one can actually eat. Just over 80% of homeowners do at least some work themselves, and 44% hire professionals at some point. Still, nearly 70% of people believe that their lawn could be improved, and one in three admit to being unsure how often to water their lawns.

Landscaping and Environment

A lawn that is kept up well will use approximately 900 liters of water every day. This impact does not take into consideration issues of fertilizer or emissions from mowing equipment. Ways to deal with this include allowing more space to grow plants native to the region, as opposed to forcing the growth of grass seeds, and keeping lawn equipment in good repair. This means things like changing the oil, regular gravely clutch repair and other maintenance, and getting the right replacement lawn mower parts.

There is a lot of America to landscape, and now you know all the facts and stats about how it’s done!

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