Finding the Right Exterminator Can Solve Year Round Problems

The latest viral sensation that captured the nation’s attention might have been considered a critter, except for the fact that this raccoon seemed to have himself in a rather dangerous situation. On the window sill of a down town sky scraper in the Minneapolis area, this beady little eyed creature loos adorable. If that same animal had been in a dumpster behind the house, animal control would have been called. When animal control investigated the the scraper climbing raccoon had garnered millions of viewers. This means that every move that the animal control agents took had to be well thought out.

Fortunately, the furry creature made his way to the roof of the building where a can of cat food coaxed him into a life trap. Within a few hours, the most famous raccoon on the planet was released back into the wild.

What Does an Exterminator Do in the Winter?

Even when it is the coldest months of the year, there are many services that an exterminator can provide. From roach removal services to rodent removal, finding the right exterminator can help you make sure that your home is both safe and healthy. During the coldest weather, small rodents and animals that live outside often make their way inside where they can be warmer. These visitors, however, can be problematic. Rats can eat threw wiring and cause problems with electrical systems in a house. In addition, the feces that they leave can become health hazards, especially for young children.

What Does an Exterminator Do in the Summer?

American residents spend $5 billion every year in order to try to control termites and to repair the damage that they cause. Finding the right exterminator in the summer can help you make sure that termites, ants, and other insects do not cause a problem for property owners.

Animal control agents may have been center stage as the helped facilitate the safe return of the Minneapolis raccoon to the wild, but the every day jobs of residential and commercial exterminators is not always this glamorous. In fact, the day to day tasks of an exterminator may not be glamorous, but they are important to make sure that the homes where we live and the businesses where we work are safe.

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