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Three Most Common Complaints with HVAC Systems

Over two thirds of businesses and offices in the South use central air conditioning all summer long. If air conditioning is one of the only things keeping your business moving during the hot summer months, you no doubt know how employees and clients are affected by a malfunctioning commercial HVAC system. As we move into the hottest part of the season, you’ll want to have a professional contracting service on-hand in case your system is in need of repairs. Here are three of the most common issues that can arise with a commercial HVAC system, and some of the warning signs that your air conditioner is in need of maintenance.

Leaking Gas

Natural gas is odorless, but many HVAC manufacturers will give their gas supply the smell of sulphur to make it detectable. If you smell that tell-tale a”rotten egg” smell, you should call your gas company immediately and plan to have employees w

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What’s In A Carpet? Your Old, Musty Rugs Could Be Affecting Your Physical And Mental Health

What’s in a carpet?

You might be better off asking what’s in your carpet. It’s easy to take for granted a part of the home that’s constantly underfoot, but your carpet has the potential to influence more aspects of your life than you realize. From your health to your interior design, rugs and floorboards all play a huge part in how comfortable you are in any given day. When you start noticing a difference in your indoor air pollution, or are just tired of the same look day in and day out, it’s time to look into custom made area rugs. These are designed to fit the unique specifications of your home and your personal taste, leaving no corner unturned on your way to a better living situation.

Which features should you look for in your custom cut rugs? These five tips aren’t a bad place to start.

Dirty Carpets Can Promote Allergies And Poor Health

This may come as a surprise, but a dirty carpet is more than just unattractive. It

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Thee Ways to Extend the Life of your Gutters

If you’re starting to notice problems with your roof and your basement water, the unlikely culprit may be a clogged gutter. Rain gutters have existed since ancient times (taking the shape of gargoylesat the end of the Roman empire) and the technology itself is very similar to what it was thousand of years ago. Then, as now, gutters are subject to clogging and leaks. Whether you have a metal gutter system or a stone gargoyle on a parapet, here are a few ways to prevent your rain gutters from falling into disrepair.

Clean them Regularly

Ideally, you should have gutter cleaning services paying you a visit twice a year. Clogged gutters are one of the biggest contributors to flooded basements, which can result in thousands of dollars in unanticipated costs. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company saves you from having to climb ladders and stand on roofs, which can be dangerous if you’re not a profe

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A Look At The Industry Of Fencing In The United States And Around The World

From wooden entrance gates to the typical residential fence installation, fences and barriers are important in our world, in the United States as well as in many places beyond it. Wooden entrance gates are only part of a wider national and worldwide trend, which even guardrail installation can now be considered to be a part of. From wood fencing to the more and more common and trendy PVC fence, there are many fencing options and opportunities that are out there in the world. All you need to do is look into them to find the one that is the right fencing option for you. Maybe it’s the standard wood fence with wooden entrance gates but it might even be wooden electric gates as well. Fencing can be used to provide security as well as protect privacy, and hiring a professional company to install your fencing can help to ensure that you will get the best results in your fencing solution possible.

All ty

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5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Tackle Roof Replacement Yourself

Sometimes we see do-it-yourself projects in magazines or television and it gives us this false sense of security that any and all jobs around the house can be done ourselves, including roofing work and replacement. Now let’s not jump to conclusions here, there are certain things that can be done yourself. Routine roof maintenance can be a DIY job, but others shouldn’t. Every year your roof should be inspected by a professional, and when damage occurs replacement should be performed by a professional. Here’s a few reasons why you should tackle roof maintenance yourself and leave roof replacement to the professionals.


Yes you’ve considered the roofing shingles that you have bought. You have considered which ones you want on your roof and picked the ones that will make your new roof look perfect. You measured and bought enough to cover your entire surface.

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