5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Tackle Roof Replacement Yourself

Sometimes we see do-it-yourself projects in magazines or television and it gives us this false sense of security that any and all jobs around the house can be done ourselves, including roofing work and replacement. Now let’s not jump to conclusions here, there are certain things that can be done yourself. Routine roof maintenance can be a DIY job, but others shouldn’t. Every year your roof should be inspected by a professional, and when damage occurs replacement should be performed by a professional. Here’s a few reasons why you should tackle roof maintenance yourself and leave roof replacement to the professionals.


Yes you’ve considered the roofing shingles that you have bought. You have considered which ones you want on your roof and picked the ones that will make your new roof look perfect. You measured and bought enough to cover your entire surface. You seem fully prepared to tackle your home roofing project yourself, except for one minor issue…. Where are you going to put all of the old shingles? What comes off must be disposed of, and when you tackle roof replacement yourself it is up to you to dispose of these shingles. This can quickly become an expensive task that you didn’t budget for.


There are a number of accidents from people falling off roofs each year. These accidents do not only occur while performing roof maintenance or while the roof is wet or snowy. Accidents happen on dry roofs as well. If you roof is damaged and in need of repair there is an even bigger chance that falls could happen. This not only sets back the roof repair that you intended to do yourself, but it can cost significantly more in medical bills and lost wages from work, because let’s be honest… who climbs on a roof and plans to fall off? No one.


When you climb on your roof to repair it you run the risk of coming in contact with some pesky unwanted house guests. Insects such as bees and wasps can build nests in chimneys, in trees and even on the roof. Have you tried running from a nest of bees on the ground? Not so easy is it, now consider being on top of your damaged roof and trying to safely escape an entire nest of these critters. The outcome doesn’t look so good.


One of the most prominent times that homeowners decide to repair or replace their roof is following a storm. 65% agreed that this was the final straw that cause them to consider roof replacement. If you decide to repair your roof yourself, rather than letting an experienced team of roofing contractors perform the repairs for you then you run the risk of loosing your insurance coverage. Installation of a new roof by someone other than a professional violates most home insurance policies, therefore rendering them useless.

Final Results

Ever tackled a do-it-yourself project with perfect exact thoughts in your head as to how the finished project will turn out? Ever completed the project just to realize no matter how far to the right you tilt your head it didn’t turn out as you expected, or even worse it didn’t turn out anything like the reference you used? This could, unfortunately, be the case with your roof. Uneven shingles may not look to bad up close, but from the road those uneven shingles are going to stick out like a sore thumb, and even worse you will be forced to look at it each and every day. No it won’t fix itself no matter how much you will it to, and no amount of pep talk to yourself telling yourself “it doesn’t look THAT bad” will matter. Yes those crooked and uneven shingles are noticeable and stick out like a sore thumb.

Roof maintenance sounds much easier than replacement doesn’t it. Stick to keeping the roof and gutters clean and let the professionals stick to repair and replacement. When you look at your new roof and all the straight shingles, you’ll be really happy that you did.

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