It Pays To Take The Imitative Take Advantage Of The Summer Months And Apply For New Gutter Installation

Summer is a vacation for more reasons than one. You not only have plenty of sun and free time to enjoy, but your home gets a break from the constant stress of the colder months.

That’s why it’s a good reason to take some preventative action this year and check your roof, gutters or siding before it gets cold again. There’s little quite as frustrating than attempting to enjoy the holidays and having to circumvent your entire week because of clogged gutters or a leak that just won’t go away. Commercial roofing contractors have plenty of wonderful options available to spruce up your home and get it in prime shape for what’s just around the corner. Even a basic evaluation can determine if you’re saving energy and getting the most out of your foundation.

Try these basic tips on for size next time you think about improving your home.

Did You Know?

Homeowner renovations today have taken a turn for the smarter. That’s because homeowners are doing everything in their power to conserve energy while still spending just enough to keep their home’s ROI high. Today one out of four homeowners admit they never inspect their roof for damage or only ever inspect it when there is obvious damage. Another survey found a third of homeowners either mistakenly believing their insurance will pay for damage that occurs to the roof over time or have no idea how their insurance will work in a similar situation.

Replace Your Roof With Metal Roofing

Sometimes it’s best to just replace a part of your home outright, rather than constantly repairing it over and over again. It’s highly recommended by most roofing contractors you have your roof inspected once or twice per year. This is a good way to spot any hidden leaks or signs you have growing structural damage. For homeowners who want to save some money on their energy bills, a metal roof is a great choice that can yield a high ROI and net you some extra green. Studies have shown a metal roof can help you save as much as 25% off your annual energy output.

Apply For Gutter Installation

If your commercial roofing is good to go, consider contacting a professional about a possible gutter installation. One of the most frustrating issues faced by homeowners during the cold, rainy season are clogged gutters. These can cause structural damage, encourage leaks and even increase your possibility of an expensive flood. One study found clogged gutters to be the number one cause of basement water problems. Gutter installation includes different models, lengths and cleaning expenditures. It’s recommended you have one downspout for every 30 to 40 linear feet of gutter.

Swap In Cedar Siding Or Vinyl Siding

If you want to improve your ROI it’s highly recommended you swap out your old siding. One of the most common issues faced by a home that wants to fly off the real estate market is siding that’s peeling, rotting or using out-of-date materials. Vinyl siding is a solid option for homeowners that want to get the most bang for their buck, boasting an average lifespan of 40 years when properly maintained. Likewise, old and worn-out siding can contribute to a loss of 10% or more to your home’s value. When combined with better gutter installation? There’s a world of benefits at your fingertips.

The Benefits Of An Early Renovation

There are a lot of benefits to be had when you get renovation out of the way now. The long summer hours and agreeable weather make it easier for your home’s wear-and-tear to be taken care of. By the time it starts raining and snowing you’ll have more energy efficient roofing and sturdier gutters to take the edge off of the cold. Some companies will offer you a free written estimate of repair costs or a written evaluation and recommendation of repair, which is particularly useful if you haven’t updated your home in a while.

Improved ROI, lower energy bills and a happier home. Give yourself an early gift for the holidays.

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