Your Old Windows And Doors Could Be A Security Hazard Choosing Smart Home Renovations In 2018

What’s your favorite part about owning a home?

If you thought about being able to customize your house down to the smallest detail, you’re already well on your way to saving some money this year. Homeowners renovate because they want to express themselves and because they want to see their house realized to its full potential. That means replacing old siding, swapping out faulty windows and looking up the best deals at your local home improvement companies. If you’re in need of a good place to start, taking another look at your doors can bring out the best in both your exterior design and your energy bill.

How so? Let’s find out by looking at some recent homeowning statistics.

Homeowners usually want to get the most out of their renovations. They don’t just want to improve their decor. They want to save money, boost their security and keep their ROI as high as possible. While this can seem like a tall order, it’s rather easy to do when you look at the most effective home renovation projects. Some of the most popular choices today are replacing inefficient single-paned windows, swapping out the entry door and adding a new coat of exterior paint to the outside walls. If any of these sound good to you, keep reading. There’s plenty more to learn.

Windows are a prime place to start when you’re tired of energy bills that seem a little too high. Many homes are still struggling with inefficient single-paned window models, losing out on vital heating and cooling little-by-little. Drafty windows have been found to increase your energy bills by 10% to 25%, depending, and only get worse when paired with drafty doors. On the other hand, dual-paned windows are up to two times more effective at retaining your home’s indoor temperature. Pairing an upgraded window with a new entry door can see you saving more than you thought possible.

Your door is another good place to start looking up deals. It’s a way to boost your security and reduce your energy output in one go, with the added bonus of giving your exterior paint a little more color. A recent study found nearly 35% of intruders will enter a home through the front door. They’re also more likely to enter through the front of the house in the middle of the day, rather than late at night like so many movies would have you believe. Your windows and doors need to be sturdy enough to hold up to prying fingers and tools. A strong entry door should have an upgraded lock alongside its other energy-saving features.

Let’s take a look at your ROI. Homeowners planning on selling in the next few years will need to keep a close eye on their renovations to make sure their home stands out when put up to market. High-quality and well-maintained windows are able to last 20 years or longer, which is an appealing addition for many home buyers today. A fiberglass entry door replacement has been found to yield an average 80% return on investment, which pairs quite nicely with additional energy savings. Installing new Andersen windows can see a similar ROI, as well.

Now for a little review. Drafty windows and doors destroy your energy bill, wasting hundreds of dollars every year that could be better spent elsewhere. Single-paned windows and old doors are also a security hazard and leave you more vulnerable. On the plus side, getting a window replacement costs anywhere from $300 to $700, which isn’t much when you look at how much you’ll save annually. On top of a higher ROI? It’s a small price to pay for the gift that keeps on giving. Installing awnings can also reduce your windows’ solar heat gain by nearly 80%.

Special deals are going fast, so make this the year you take the initiative and transform your home into a constant cycle of savings.

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