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The Right Lighting Can Improve the Safety of Any Space

The phone call from your neighbor did not go well.
If you had to do it all over again, however, you are certain that the phone call would not have gone any better the second time.
Your neighbor across from the street called to tell you that she and three of her friends had decided that your house was the cause of some of the problems with vandalism in the neighborhood. She was calling to ask if you would trim the big tree in front of your house. The one that was blocking the streetlight and keeping that part of the street dark, in a time when there have more break ins than normal.
The fact that the street light on your corner is blocked by tree is not an indicator of your upkeep. It is a result of the neglect of the city. There are also cross walk and speed bump signs that are invisible because they, too, are covered by overgrown trees.
Although the call did not go well, you actually did call the city and report the lighting problem.
Street and Parking Garag

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Taking A Look At The World Of Home Remodeling Projects In America

Home remodeling is common if you have a home in the United States (and many other places all around the world, at that). In fact, more than half of all households here in the United States alone (as many as two thirds of them) are looking into home remodeling projects if they are not already in the process of one. And the money that is spent on these projects ends up totaling to an immense amount. For instance, American remodelers are anticipated to spend an estimated three hundred and forty billion dollars on various remodeling projects by the time that the year of 2018, our current year, draws to a close. And home remodeling companies are expected to bring in as much as just over four hundred and nine billion dollars in just this one year, let alone in the years that are to come. The trend of remodeling is only increasing, as total home remodeling expenses only totaled just over three hundred and twenty six billion dollars by the time that the year of 2015 had drawn to a close, showi

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How to Protect your Home from Storm Damage

A recent survey from Colorado State University found that the 2018 hurricane season is expected to be less active than seasons before. While you may be giving a sigh of relief, now is the perfect time to consider protecting your home from storm damage in coming years. New construction is often reinforced against hurricane-force winds and flooding, but many older and historic homes are not. Here are four ways to protect your home from future hurricanes for years to come.

Consider Impact-Resistant Windows

These can come in the form of hurricane-proof windows and glass doors or impact-resistant shutters. Hurricane windows are a little pricey, averaging over $40 per square foot. With that said, tropical storms and hurricanes can have speeds of over 160 mph, making debris as lethal as a bullet. If you still find it hard to justify the expense, you can also find

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Learn More About Heating and Cooling Systems and How to Reduce Your Energy Usage and Cost

Many of the homes built during the 1980s may still have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that are more than 20 years old. Recent estimates indicate that this applies to 20% of the homes built during that time period. In order to keep air conditioners running throughout the United States, about six percent of the electricity produced within this country is used. While that may not sound like a significant output, reducing it could have a positive effect, particularly for reducing household energy usage and costs.

How to Reduce Energy Usage and Costs

Since nearly 87% of American homes do have air conditioning to cool down during hot weather, reducing energy usage and utility bills tends to be important. When the temperatures rise, this usually accounts for an additional ten percent to 22% tacked onto a household’s overall energy costs. One way to reduce usage and cost is for households to lower their thermostats when they’re asleep or away from home

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Simple Recycling Tips for Every Household

Some of us tend to not think about what happens to our weekly garbage after we toss our trash in the dumpster or take our bins to the curb for a garbage truck to pick up. Others are a little more aware of the non-degradable waste that is pilling up in landfills or making its way into our oceans and are trying to make better consumption habits but aren’t sure where to start. The majority of us heard Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at some point in lives but aren’t sure how to apply to it their household. Below are a few simple and easy recycling tips that any home can do to improve their environmental impact.


One of the simplest recycling tips to reduce waste is to stop buying single-use products. Instead of using paper towels to dry your hands or clean up messes, buy a few washcloths or make your own out of an old towel and you’ll never have to buy paper towels again. You can also purchase reusable c

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